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Executive Education

Participant of INSEAD Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation programme

Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation

Uncover a suite of tools to understand and lead your way through a digital transformation. *New A.I content 

Upcoming Sessions
San Francisco
5 days
$ 12,200

Content Overview

Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation uses video cases, cutting-edge technologies, learning by doing, and vibrant debate to illustrate the strategic, leadership, and innovation fundamentals of how established companies can adapt to digital transformation.

NEW: AI, ML & RELATED TECHNOLOGIES: Explore the intersection of digital strategy and artificial intelligence in predictive analytics and generative AI. Participants will gain insights to leverage these tools effectively in their digital strategies and delve into the challenges and opportunities presented by AI and machine learning. Moreover we will explore how to execute and scale these technologies with practitioners in the field.





Strategic view:
digital disruption drivers

  • Explore how disruption happens, the new elements of digital strategy and how to profit from the core elements of digital strategy - platforms, ecosystems, and digital business models
  • Develop a personalised strategic view of how disruption could transform your industry and how to respond


Organisational view: 
how to transform into an agile organisation

  • Explore ideas for organisational roles and structures in companies that are coping with digital-readiness
  • Learn methods for more effective teamwork in the context of disruptive, 'wild idea' innovation
  • Examine what it means for organisational cultures to be digitally-ready
  • Consider the implications for human social networks in a digital-ready organisation


Innovation view: how to respond to disruption through accessing tools like lean startup and design thinking

  • Examine the people, process and philosophy that established companies can apply to navigate the uncertainty of a digital age
  • Incorporate tools from lean startup, design thinking, agile methodologies and business model innovation to understand how to nurture the innovations that will create future growth
  • Develop a personal and team action plan of how to generate new ideas and transform them into new businesses or internal solutions