25 & 26 June 2021
14:30 CET

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Dear Alumni,

As you have experienced for yourself, INSEAD is a unique institution. So, in keeping with the school’s entrepreneurial spirit, we have decided to innovate around the more traditional reunion programme and bring to you a very special digital reunion!

While we would, of course, always love to meet you again for an in-person event, the ongoing and ever-changing global pandemic is currently hampering these efforts. The safety and wellbeing of our INSEAD community is, and always will be, our top priority.

That being said, recent cohorts can attest that a digital reunion doesn’t have to be any less exciting! We have taken some of the highlight moments of our traditional in-person reunions and incorporated them into a programme that enables you to easily reconnect with the school and your classmates from wherever you are in the world. In addition to an INSEAD update, you can interact with some of your favourite faculty and gather with your class in breakout meetings for good old networking and fun.

I want to thank the class volunteers who, together with the Alumni Reunions team, have enthusiastically dived into developing a tailored programme for you to relive those special INSEAD memories.

Please bookmark this page as it will be updated with more details about the digital reunion, as well as with information about other celebrations for your class and links to your class gift campaigns.

I look forward to sharing some of the amazing stories about how our unique alumni community has come together in these challenging times, demonstrating that INSEAD truly is a Force for Good. See you online!

With best wishes,

Ilian Mihov



  • Nida Januskis

    Associate Dean, Advancement, INSEAD

  • Ilian Mihov

    Dean of INSEAD
    Professor of Economics
    The Rausing Chaired Professor of Economic and Business Transformation, INSEAD

  • Emily Robin

    Senior Director, Development, INSEAD

  • Nathan Furr

    Associate Professor of Strategy, INSEAD



Your Digital Reunion will start with an opening address by our Senior Director of Development, followed by a school update from the Dean of INSEAD and Associate Dean of Advancement, and a faculty session.

The schedule below is tentative, be sure to check again for updates in the coming weeks.

Time (CET)Session

Opening address

Emily Robin, Senior Director of Development, INSEAD


School update

Ilian Mihov, Dean, INSEAD
Nida Januskis, Associate Dean, Advancement, INSEAD


Faculty session: Uncertainty Possibility: Tools for Transforming Uncertainty into Possibility

Nathan Furr, Associate Professor of Strategy, INSEAD

Emily Robin, Senior Director of Development, INSEAD

Class meeting
followed by Digital Reunion network on vtogether - specific links will be shared closer to date by email

  • MBA'11J
  • MBA'11D
  • MBA'16J
  • MBA'16D
  • MBA'06J
  • MBA'06D





Class meeting
followed by Digital Reunion network on vtogether

  • MBA'10J
  • MBA'10D
  • MBA'05J
  • MBA'05D

Making it happen

Get involved in the organisation of your reunion. MAke a difference to this alumni reunion.

INSEAD would like to thank our Leadership Reunion volunteers:

5 year-reunions - MBA'15J&D and MBA'16J&D

Class of 2015J
Social committee: Zina Ajlouny, Katya Akulinicheva, Jack Halligan, Haanee Monem, Hasmita Nair,  Ana Clara Sabbag, Miki Tsutsumi, 
Fund chair: Sebastien Jacquemoud
Fund committee: Jibran Khan, Shayak Mazumder, Anelia Uzunova, Misha Vaswani

Class of 2015D
Social committee co-chairs: Andreas Kater, Ofer Mehulal
Fund committee: Kelly Edwards, Oleg Eremin, Laura Jassoy, Yiming Lu, Linh Luu    

Class of 2016J
Social committee chair: Pedro Silva

Class of 2016D
Social committee: Ha Luong, Aly Madhavji

10 year-reunions - MBA'10J&D and MBA'11J&D

Class of 2010J
Social committee chair: Namrata Shergill
Social committee: Jeremie Danicourt, Advitya Dewan,Themis Gomes, Anoop Nebhnani, Andrea Ullmann, Ana Queipo 
Fund committee: Brenda Bermbach, Virginie Brun, Mike Davis, Mark Dembitz, Tori Fahey, Michael Jacobs

Class of 2010D
Social committee co-chairs: Cecile Perrin, Bernardino Ricci, Diksha Kaur 
Fund committee: Laura Gavrila, Noriko Hanada, Bernardino Ricci, Crystal Jiang, Jeannie Kwok

Class of 2011J
Social committee co-chairs: Luc de Camas, Kim Mewes Serena, Jean-Christophe Barrette, Mita Sen, Diran Guiliguian

Class of 2011D
Social committee co-chairs: David Riddle, Stephan Peter, Yvonne Gruendler 

15 year-reunions - MBA'05J&D and MBA'06J&D

Class of 2005J
Social committee co-chairs: Andrew Mack, Deepak Punwani

Class of 2005D
Social committee co-chairs: Emma, Marc-Elie Bernard

Class of 2006J
Social committee co-chairs: Wissam Anastas, Chady Zein
Fund committee: Canan Anli, Marwan El-Hakim, Dustin Hindman, Matt Shore, Victor Sunyer

Class of 2006D
Social committee: Ijeoma Agboti, Jamil Akbar, Dario Montalcini, Nathalie Yan

Giving back

If you would like to learn more about the INSEAD Giving opportunities or to have more details about your own giving history, please contact us at [email protected].

Please click on the link below to access your reunion class gift page ; if your class page is not linked and you'd like to have information, please feel free to contact us.




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