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INSEAD Business Sustainability Series

Sustainability is on the agenda of business leaders around the world and INSEAD alumni are playing a key role in making sustainability in the economy and society happen. Over the past six months, we have engaged with alumni from around the world and found an impressive commitment to the cause, ranging from 3D printed sustainable houses, methane measurement from space, using underutilized public transportation for express package delivery, circular rubber, to biodiversity. They act as entrepreneurs, executives, consultants, investors, board members, and NGO leaders. Many corporations and executives want to make a difference to the sustainability cause but often lack frameworks on how to prioritize their actions and investment as well as the business examples that show how sustainability objectives and business success can be aligned. Our research of the accomplishments of our alumni reveals that many are figuring this out. The objective of The INSEAD Business Sustainability Series is to enable and inspire discussions on business sustainability: how to align sustainability and business objectives.

During the closing event, two awards will be announced for alumni for how they are building or rebuilding a business on sustainability objectives. We will soon communicate on the process of how to submit your case for the awards, learn more.


Join us for five vivid and interactive events from April 2023 to November 2023


Sustainability as a Strategic Opportunity

26 April 2023

Sustainability has quickly risen to the top of the strategy agenda of firms around the world. Many companies and their management are eager to pursue sustainability initiatives and make a difference to society, but are very often overwhelmed by the scope of the sustainability demands and the potential negative impact on the bottom...

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Sustainability around the World: Trends, Impact, and Opportunities

8 June 2023

Environmental sustainability is becoming a global imperative with far reaching consequences for businesses. Despite the growing interest in creating a sustainable future, there are important regional differences linked to cultural, economic, and political differences.

Join us on June 8th for an inspiring discussion led by Katell Le...

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Building a Sustainability-Inspired Digital Business: the Case of Ecovadis

28 September 2023 | Online

Sustainability is an opportunity for society and for business when business models can be innovated that align the needs and incentives of both. Entrepreneurs Pierre-François Thaler (MBA 99D) and Frédéric Trinel founded in 2007 EcoVadis, pioneering a service that assesses the sustainability of supply chains around the...

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Product Innovation & Development for Sustainable Business

26 October 2023 | Online

The race against climate change, growing end-consumer expectations, and increasing regulation is making clear that the business world needs to invent and reinvent many products and services - if not their entire business model. INSEAD Alumni are at the forefront of this wave of innovation, both in start-ups and large...

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Celebrating INSEAD Business Sustainability Creativity: Award Ceremony

10 November 2023

From April to November, we have been on a journey to discover and learn from passionate and innovative INSEAD Alumni who dedicated their career to pushing the boundaries toward the creation of new business models that ensure a more sustainable world. Our research brought us to the five continents - learning about topics as varied as...

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