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PhD in Management


Srishti Arora

PhD Student in Technology and Operations Management


Additional Information
Research Areas
  • Empirical Operations Management, Behavioral Operations, Socially Responsible Operations, Sustainable Operations


My research focuses on behavioral operations management, exploring how behavior of individuals impact business decisions, process, and outcomes. I tackle empirical operations challenges, drawing from my strong foundation in statistics, mathematics, and computing, paired with my passion for data. My commitment to translational research has led to my active collaborations with industry and the utilization of proprietary data. I use variety of methods in my research such as econometrics and machine learning.

My work primarily revolves around last-mile delivery, healthcare, and sustainability. Thus far, I have unveiled critical insights into the underlying motivations behind delivery driver misconduct and its impact on platform efficiency, the paradoxical implications of driver relocations on earnings, and decision-making by restaurant managers in peak-hours. Additionally, I am keen on merging behavioral operations with responsible operations, particularly in the fields of healthcare and sustainability. My ongoing projects aim to: a) investigate methods for promoting sustainable business choices among managers, and b) ensure doctors' adherence to practice guidelines, with the goal of optimizing healthcare resource allocation for those genuinely in need.

Empirical Operations Management, Behavioral Operations, Socially Responsible Operations, Sustainable Operations

M.S., Ph.D. in Technology and Operations Management, INSEAD, Singapore/France (2019- Ongoing)
M.S. in Applied Statistics, Imperial College London, UK (2018- 2019)
Integrated MTech, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, India (2009-2014)
Research Intern, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India (2013)

1. Arora S, Choudhary V, Kireyev P. “Don’t Fake It If You Can’t Make It: Driver Misconduct in Last Mile Delivery” (Major Revision, Management Science)
2. Arora S, Choudhary V, Hasija S. “Unravelling the Implications of Driver Relocation in Food Delivery”

3. Making Restaurants Available on Food Delivery Platforms During Peak Hours: A Field Experiment
4. Barriers and Bridges: Facilitating Doctors’ Adherence to Practice Guidelines
5. Leveraging Internal Carbon Pricing in Shaping Sustainable Business Choices by Managers

Citi Global Markets, Mumbai, India (2017-2018)
Citi Technology Centre, Pune, India (2014-2017)