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PhD in Management


Richard Grice

PhD Student in Marketing


Additional Information


Year of entry : 2018

Richard is a PhD candidate in Marketing Science at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France. His research focuses on the complexity of competition in retail markets and its implications for market outcomes. He makes use of both empirical and analytical methods. In July 2024 Richard will be starting as an Assistant Professor in the Marketing Department at the National University of Singapore.

Prior to graduate school, and on occasions throughout, Richard worked as an analyst with several top economic consultancies in Sydney, Australia -- initially HoustonKemp Economists, and then CRA International and the boutique outfit Endgame Economics. In these positions Richard produced analyses supporting expert testimony in commercial litigation and advice given on the economic regulation of natural monopolies.

Richard’s analysis has been presented to competition and energy regulators in Australia and New Zealand, as well as being relied upon in matters before Australia's Supreme, Federal and High Courts, the Australian Competition Tribunal, and in dispute settlement proceedings before the World Trade Organisation.

Research Interests : Quantitative Marketing | Empirical & Behavioural Industrial Organisation | Market Structure & Competition | Pricing | Economic Networks & Complexity

Current Research

Learning Competitors' Identities from the Timing of Pricing Decisions: An Application to Retail Gasoline
Working Paper

Chain-Linked Markets
Working Paper

Mutual Fund Market Structure and Company Fee Competition: Theory and Evidence
Working Paper (SSRN: 4449026) | with Ahmed Guecioueur (INSEAD)

Estimating Duration Dependence on Re-Employment Wages When Reservation Wages Are Binding
Working Paper (SSRN:4582697) | with Victor Martinez (Cleveland Fed.) & Kaixin Liu (Jinan University)

Conference Presentations

45th Annual INSEAD-HEC-ESSEC Marketing Seminar (HEC), March 2024

9th NSF Network Science Conference (University of Minnesota), April 2024

Marketing Dynamics Conference (Santorini), June 2024

46th ISMS Marketing Science Conference (University of New South Wales), June 2024

Trans-Atlantic Doctoral Conference (London Business School), May 2023

8th NSF Network Science and Economics Conference (Virginia Tech), March 2023

11th Wharton-INSEAD Alliance Doctoral Conference (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania), October 2022

43rd ISMS Marketing Science Conference (Simon Business School, University of Rochester), June 2021

Trans-Atlantic Doctoral Conference (London Business School), May 2021

8th Wharton-INSEAD Alliance Doctoral Consortium (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania), October 2019


PhD in Management Science (Marketing), INSEAD, 2024 (expected)

Master of Management Science, INSEAD, 2020

Master of Arts in Economics, University of Rochester, 2018

Bachelor of Economics (Honours Class I), University of New South Wales (UNSW), 2014

Combined Bachelors of Economics and Commerce, University of Western Australia (UWA), 2013