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New report on how Fintech revolution will reshape the future of finance

New report on how Fintech revolution will reshape the future of finance

New report on how Fintech revolution will reshape the future of finance

Traditional financial services industry is ripe for disruption; current major players in the industry will need to re-think their business models

INSEAD, the business school for the world and Singapore-based fintech VC Life.SREDA, today jointly announced the release of a new report, ‘Money of the Future’. The report takes a deep dive into the state of global fintech, especially in Asia, the fastest growing region for fintech. The report also discusses why fintech will become increasingly important in the years to come.

INSEAD Professor of Technology and Operations Management Serguei Netessine is one of the contributors of the report, which is produced by Life.SREDA's research division with contributions from the finest minds in the industry.

In an ever-expanding business landscape, one thing has remained at the forefront: finance. It is ubiquitous and is what keeps companies, startups and huge multinationals running. Access to good financial services is imperative in today's high-tech world. This has led to the birth of a new industry: fintech, which aims to use modern technology to provide financial services that only the elite had access to. In a very short time, fintech has gone from niche market to now being the most funded sector among all startups.

There are no two ways about it, fintech is big and people need to be aware of how to capitalise on this new technology. That is where ‘Money of the Future’ comes in. Within its pages, readers will find all the tools required, from raw data to  in-depth dialogues on topics such as remittance tech and mPOS. Industry leaders and experts also weigh in their opinion on what are the upcoming trends for fintech. The report will allow clearer understanding of the labyrinthine world of fintech and enable executives to make better decisions for businesses in adopting the best financial technology.

“Many people have asked me why we created ‘Money of the Future’ and share it for free. The answer is simple: I do not see Life.SREDA as just another VC. I see us as an evangelist for fintech in general, tearing down barriers and demystifying the market to allow everyone, from young startup to big banks to be able to take advantage of the innovations fintech has brought. With ‘Money of the Future’, we have taken the same approach and created a simple yet concise piece of research that will help you really understand the wonderful world of fintech,” says Life.SREDA Managing Partner, Vladislav Solodkiy.

“The business model of the traditional financial services industry is ripe for disruption, which will come from numerous startups as well as from relatively established players in others industries. Current major players in the industry will need to re-think their business models or risk to be made irrelevant relatively quickly.  ‘Money of the Future’ is the unique report which allows anyone a quick glimpse into major global trends in fintech.  At INSEAD we aim to help large corporations to navigate these trends through our Executive Education programs and we help our MBA/EMBA students start companies that compete in this space” said Professor Netessine, who is also the Timken Chaired Professor of Global Technology and Innovation and Research at INSEAD and Director of INSEAD-Wharton Alliance.

Some key chapters from the report

  • Fintech is the fastest growing startup vertical in the world
  • Asia is the hottest market right now
  • It's not looking good for Bitcoin
  • Why legacy industries are getting on the fintech bandwagon

Who the report is for

  • Banks and Financial institutions who understand the industry and are curious as to how to best make use of fintech
  • Startups and VC's looking to enter fintech
  • Startups and VC's who are currently involved with fintech and are interested in the state and direction of the market

Government agencies and large legacy companies trying to see how fintech can be embedded into established systems

About Life.SREDA

Singapore-based Life.SREDA VC is one of the first and leading fintech-funds in the world. Life.SREDA has made investments in US, UK, Germany, Austria, Russia, Singapore, India, Philippines in such world-famous fintech-companies like Simple, Moven, Fidor, SumUp, Anthemis Group, Fastacash and many others. We run an accelerator program, InspirAsia, out of our headquarters in Singapore and are working hard to spread the word about fintech and how it has the potential to change the world. "Money of the future" research is the oldest and most respectful reports about fintech, which believed and promote fintech since first days, even the word "fintech" didn't exist.      

About INSEAD, The Business School for the World

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