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Our Research Excellence

At INSEAD we pride ourselves on the rigour and relevance of our research. Whether it is academic publications, books, cases, or practitioner-oriented publications, we strive for the highest quality and impact. We produce research that brings new ideas and new knowledge to the world, underpinning pedagogy that is useful to business leaders.

Supported by our strong links with the international business community, our research also benefits from real world testing, feedback and application, creating a powerful academic flywheel. We conduct research in an environment that nurtures intellectual exploration and knowledge creation. We disseminate our research through our teaching and engagement with the world. 

Lily Fang
Dean of Research

Academic Impact



INSEAD ranks number one in the world for research productivity in General Management (UTD’s global ranking), and ranks top 10 overall worldwide for publications in the last decade

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Our faculty members are consistently honoured for their academic leadership and excellence, receiving peer recognition from associations and societies, across ranks and disciplines from all over the world

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Real World Impact



Centres & Initiatives


Our Centers, Initiatives and Institutes combine research, impact and knowledge exchange by connecting academia and real-world practice.
Through research, we expand the frontiers of knowledge and shape global business leadership. As such, our researchers actively contribute to the school's ambitions.

Case Publishing


INSEAD’s case studies consistently rank among the top global bestsellers. Our world-renowned faculty are notoriously close to the business community, able to unearth the most relevant management insights from deep inside the complex world of international business.

Brazil in 2022: A (More) Business-Friendly Country?

This case describes the macro and micro economic reforms made across Brazil’s economy in the last three years to tackle the “custo Brasil” (Brazil cost) that stems from excessive bureaucracy, regulation, corruption, complex tax system and poor infrastructure that have inhibited business for decades and accounts for 22% of GDP. The case discusses whether these reforms have put Brazil on a path to becoming more business friendly and more internationally competitive.
By L. Felipe Monteiro, Giovana Nahas,
Leticia Penna, Victoria Meduna
Published 07 Sep 2022
Topic Topic Economics & Finance
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Donna Wilde and the Weathermen (A)

The brief case ‘Donna Wilde and the Weathermen’ sets the stage for a discussion of how to lead teams in an environment undergoing exponential change. The team has spent years working on a project about which they are passionate, but the CEO is skeptical and it gets put on ice. Wilde is left pondering if and how they can exert the leadership needed to bring the project back to life. The case is based on the experiences of a real team and company (whose identities are disguised).

By Henrik Bresman, Anne-Marie Carrick
Published 05 Sep 2022
Topic Topic Leadership & Organisations
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Wearables: Can the Dyson Zone Break Into a New Market?

The case is about the future of Dyson’s foray into wearable technology with the planned introduction of the Dyson Zone that enables people to breathe purified air while tuning out unwanted noise. Since no other device like it yet exists, its inventor Jake Dyson is stepping into unknown waters - another risk for a company that has taken several, not always successfully. The case looks at the business strategy of a firm that has a reputation for developing innovative products.

By Andrew Shipilov, Brian Henry
Published 06 Oct 2022
Topic Strategy
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