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Research is the foundation upon which INSEAD operates. It is through the discovery and application of new management knowledge that the school is able to develop responsible leaders who transform business and society.

In this series of narratives, we explore the impact that INSEAD’s faculty have had — and continue to have — on academia, business and the world at large.

How Transparency and Collaboration Revolutionised Supply Chain Management

Padmanabhan’s research into the bullwhip effect revolutionised the way organisations approach supply chains.

V. “Paddy” Padmanabhan, Professor of Marketing


Performance is Not a Predictor of Change

Greve discovered that firms do not change because of their performance alone, but because of aspirations as well. This upended prevailing thought in organisational change.

Henrich Greve, Professor of Entrepreneurship

True Sustainability Requires a Complete Rethink of Supply Chains

Van Wassenhove single-handedly propelled the humanitarian sector to new heights of supply chain efficiency and disaster relief.

Luk Van Wassenhove, Emeritus Professor of Technology and Operations Management


How to Decide Whether to Make or Buy

Anderson’s work provided crucial models to companies to help them make the ever-pressing decision of whether to “make” or “buy”.

Erin Anderson, The John H. Loudon Chaired Professor of International Management and Professor of Marketing at INSEAD until her death in 2007

Breaking Down Barriers to Knowledge Transfer

Szulanski’s work has changed the way companies approach best practice sharing.

Gabriel Szulanski, Professor of Strategy


Introducing Human Behaviours to the Analytics of Pricing

Popescu broke new ground early in her career by recognising the powerful impact that human behaviour has on consumer decision making.

Ioana Popescu, Professor of Decision Sciences

Responsible operations: How the devil in the detail helps build a path to sustainable business

Atasu is preeminent among the sustainable operations management community for his ability to demonstrate why many intuitive policies and strategies fail in implementation.

Atalay Atasu, Professor of Technology and Operations Management at INSEAD and the Bianca and James Pitt Chair in Environmental Sustainability

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