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Value Creation for Owners and Directors: A Practical Guide on How to Lead Your Business

This book deals with a much understudied and poorly understood aspect of business: the role of owners and boards in value creation. While there is abundant guidance on value creation for publicly listed firms and their managers, the role played by owners, and their corporate directors, in value creation and governance has been overlooked. This book aims to fill that gap. The first part deals with the mission, and the values and rules pertaining to the governance of the business. These structural elements are fundamental for owners to get right as they pave the way to value creation, or its opposite. They refer to “WHAT” owners have to do. Another element is the formation of the three boards that govern owner-led firms: the owners board, the board of directors, and the management board. The second part addresses the relational elements that owners must master to effectively manage the social and emotional dynamics in their enterprise. It deals with the “HOW” of ownership, namely the leadership process that lies at the heart of board work. This process ensures alignment across the three boards and also with stakeholders that is vital to realizing owners’ value creating aims. Thirdly, the book explores the histories, defining experiences, and talents that define owners and shape their enterprise. It concerns the “WHOM,” namely the identities of owners. It explores the diversity of ownership styles and identifies the critical personal transitions owners must make in their leadership quest. This book offers a practical guide for business aiming for value creation. It also should be of interest to directors and executives of all firms with identifiable ownership, such as entrepreneurial, family, state-owned and private equity firms.

Professor of Finance

Emeritus Professor of Technology and Operations Management