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Ilia Tsetlin
Professor of Decision Sciences

Ilia M. Tsetlin is an Associate Professor of Decision Sciences at INSEAD. His teaching and research interests are in modeling decisions under uncertainty, with particular focus on decision making with multiple attributes, target-based and contest-based settings, and situations with background risk. Other research streams are related to negotiation, auction theory, and collective choice. His work has been published in a number of academic journals including Management Science, Operations Research, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Journal of Economic Theory, Psychological Review, Games and Economic Behavior, and Social Choice and Welfare.

He teaches Uncertainty, Data and Judgment; Models for Strategic Planning, (MBA); Probability and Statistics, Bayesian Analysis (PhD), and modules on decision making (EDP). He holds a PhD in Business Administration from Duke University and a MSci in Applied Mathematics and Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.


Refereed Journal Articles

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Peer Reviewed Books and Book Chapters

[28] Denuit, M., L. Eeckhoudt, I. Tsetlin, and R. Winkler, 2013, “Multivariate Concave and Convex Stochastic Dominance,” in "Risk Measures and Attitudes", European Actuarial Academy (EAA) Series, Springer, pages 11-32.

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[26] Regenwetter, M., B. Grofman, A. Marley and I. Tsetlin, 2006, Behavioral Social Choice, Cambridge University Press (Political Science Series), ISBN-13: 9780521536660 | ISBN-10: 0521536669

Manuscripts under Review and Working Papers

[29] Tsetlin, I., N. Rudi and V. Padmanabhan, “Manufacturer’s Control of Retail Price

[30] Gaba, A., I. Tsetlin and R.L. Winkler, “Combining Interval Forecasts.” (INSEAD Working Paper No. 2014/58/DSC)

[31] Müller, A., Scarsini, M., I. Tsetlin and R.L. Winkler, “Between First and Second-Order Stochastic Dominance,” (INSEAD Working Paper No. 2015/55/DSC, accepted to Management Science)

[32] Dutt, P., and I. Tsetlin, “Beyond Gini: Income Distribution and Economic Development.” (INSEAD Working Paper No. 2015/99/EPS/DSC)

[33] McCardle, Kevin F., I. Tsetlin and R.L. Winkler, "When to Abandon a Research Project and Search for a New One" (INSEAD Working Paper No. 2016/10/DSC)

[34] Zorc, S., I. Tsetlin, "Be Patient yet Firm: Offer Timing, Deadlines and the Search for Alternatives" (INSEAD Working Paper No. 2016/09/DSC)


Ilia Tsetlin
Associate Professor of Decision Sciences
Email : [email protected]

INSEAD Asia Campus
1 Ayer Rajah Avenue
Singapore 138676

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