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Leading your organisation to success

Product Management (PM) is now an executive level function. As companies become more product-led and product-centric, Chief Product Officers and other executive product roles are appearing and rising in prominence. At this level, strong leadership skills are critical to the success of the individual, team, and organisation, and oftentimes, people don’t realise the impact their leadership style can have on themselves and others. As more product managers reach the executive ranks, they and their companies are recognising the need for accelerated development in this area.

To begin the process of honing executive-level product management skills, the Product Management Festival (PMF), an organisation dedicated to the development of product managers, and INSEAD, have partnered to develop the Product Management Executive Programme. It provides current and rising PM executives with the tools, knowledge and know-how to lead effectively and to amplify their impact in the organisation.

The Product Management Executive Programme is designed to provide attendees with opportunities to deepen their understanding of leadership and to develop their capacity to exercise it effectively and responsibly, while also providing a balance of PM-focused sessions. It will be led in tandem by INSEAD faculty and product executives from leading technology companies, providing strategic insights from the field and skills that will be critical to your success. The leadership and PM content is intertwined to reflect the many demands PM executives face.

How you benefit

  • Confront, acknowledge, and develop your leadership style so that you can lead yourself and your organisation through growth and change​
  • Explore frameworks, recognise your impact on group dynamics, and design actionable plans to guide you in how to build, develop, and retain your teams
  • Learn executive-level topics from top product management executives who will help you apply what they’ve learned in the field to your situation
  • Enhance essential soft skills as you learn how to interact and negotiate with the board, investors, strategic partners and other stakeholders
  • Grow your network with other product executives and gain access to leading product management experts worldwide


Participant Profile

The programme is tailored for current product management executives who desire further personal and career development to amplify their impact on the organisation. It is also designed for rising product management leaders who are transitioning into top executive roles.


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

Programme Partner


Product Management Festival (PMF) is an organisation whose aim is to support product management (PM) as a profession. It contributes to the development of product managers and establishes their role in their organisations by offering them all the resources and tools to empower them to create products. Its mission is to amplify the impact of product management - not only on the products themselves, but also on their organisations, to help product managers be more successful and to make a real difference.



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