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Here’s a sample of what participants have to say about the value of the INSEAD Leadership Programme for Senior Executives – India.

If you are looking for a powerhouse of transformational knowledge and a programme that would guide you for a lifetime, wherever you are and in whatever profession you are, ILPSE is the best. With an amazing alumni network and comprehensive content, the programme will open your mind.

Thejaswini Kodavur
Senior Software Engineering Manager, Delphix

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ILPSE, at this juncture in my life, has been the best investment I have made in myself. If you have achieved functional excellence and are looking to define your path to greater success – whether through widening your scope, making a larger impact, or starting something new – this programme is your route to get there.

Neha Jain
Head of Communication, Asia-Pacific, American Tower

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The programme’s curriculum is thoughtfully developed by reputed professors. It is collaborative, holistic, contemporary and relevant. Designed to prepare you for growth, both professionally and personally, each component is invaluable, whether it’s teamwork on case studies, three-day workshops or customised feedback sessions.

Priyanka Vashisht
Founder and CEO, 360 Degris

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The whole programme reignited my student mindset, with each module pushing me to ask questions and think differently. It prepared me to apply a more process-driven approach to my work and in setting priorities. The programme was extremely well organised. Each takeaway was like a drop in the ocean that ended up changing my whole perspective.

Vipul Agrawal
Co-founder, Unlu

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ILPSE is one of the best programmes to understand how to navigate the business world. Unlike other programmes, it not only focuses on individual and personal development but also on growing teams successfully. Be prepared to put your heart and soul into the programme to leverage what it has to offer. You can discover a lot about how to change yourself for the better.

Raghu Banda
Senior Director, AI Product Management, SAP Labs

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