Content Overview


The programme’s 5-day curriculum has been co-developed and customised with INSEAD.

Topics covered over the five days include:


Digital disruption and transformation in the content and cable industry

  • The new rules of game in the digital world
  • How will digitisation affect the TMT value chain and the way companies are run?


Value creation and capital markets

How can the latest insights in modern finance help provide value creating growth?


Leading the digital transformation from the customer experience

How can you successfully launch products and service customers in an omnichannel, data driven digital word of infinite niches?


Change leadership

How to overcome barriers to change, include stakeholders and effectively use change instrument


Customer centricity

How can you develop new product and services when customers are not aware yet of their concrete needs?


Developing an action plan

  • What is the synthesis of all the topics covered in the week?
  • What story do I take back to my team at home?
  • What learnings do I have for my company?


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