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Executive Education

Kendra Kuse
Kendra Kuse

Canpotex is committed to building a highly skilled and engaged international workforce

Kendra Kuse

Kendra Kuse talks about how INSEAD Online Programmes help with Canpotex's talent development strategy

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about your role at your organisation?

My name is Kendra Kuse – I am the Vice President of People Resources at Canpotex.  I hold responsibility for Human Resources, Corporate Administration and Communications.

Can you talk a little about your organisation’s talent development strategy?

Canpotex is committed to building a highly skilled and engaged international workforce where people can grow and thrive while delivering on our vision to be a vital link in the pursuit of global food security.  To accomplish this, we view learning and development as an investment. Our corporate values and competencies are foundational to our development strategy as we empower all employees to be curious, innovative, and agile.

What are some of the challenges your organisation face?

We are a company with offices in Canada, Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai and Sao Paulo.  In addition to being based around the world, we have team members who spend a significant amount of time travelling.  The differences in geography and time zones as well as participant availability due to travel schedules can be challenging when offering corporate wide learning opportunities.

How has INSEAD helped address this?

INSEAD’s online programming has provided the flexibility to accommodate Canpotex’s international workforce and by the very nature of its program delivery, mirror the collaborative leadership that is central to our company’s success regardless of geographical locations and time zones. Our participants can work at their own pace yet share their journeys with one another as they progress through the program. 

Why did you choose an online learning solution?

Online learning provides participants with the convenience to access their course at any time from any location. It is also a cost-effective learning solution for our company---especially when it is blended with other face-to-face learning opportunities and deliberate practice supported by Canpotex.

Why did you choose INSEAD online programmes?

The program design and flexibility combined with INSEAD’s quality programming and academic reputation made partnering with them an easy decision.

Which INSEAD online programmes did you choose and why?

Canpotex employees are currently accessing their Business Strategy and Financial Performance 7-week online program and hope to register another cohort later this year. We chose this program as it directly aligns with our development strategy related to business acumen and creates a common language for our diverse teams.

From an HR/organisational point of view, what skills do you want your executives to develop by attending the programmes? And why?

From an HR and organizational development point of view, for the Business Strategy and Financial Performance program, we’ve selected participants at executive, director, and manager-level.  The reason for this is two-fold: 1. it is critical that we continue developing leaders at all levels to support our performance objectives and succession strategy; and 2. Thinking critically and strategically is integral to our company’s value creation and decision-making processes.

From an HR/organisational perspective, what have been the highlights/key successes of the programmes?

Key highlights and successes of this program are the acceleration of participants’ strategic perspectives as we continue a values-driven approach to our leadership development and overall business performance excellence.

What has been the feedback from your executives?

This program consistently received positive feedback from Canpotex participants.  Our people enjoyed the collaboration between participants, the financial analysis and innovative approaches to quality decision-making.  The information and service provided by the course manager (Camille Faivre) and programme advisor (Anita Jiang) was exceptional and made the enrolment and delivery seamless and easy.

What difference have the programmes made to your organisation so far? 

This program helped bridge the geographical distance and time zone gap further solidifying that as an international company, we are all working together towards a common goal—value creation.  Further, many of our participants have used their practical projects to apply their analyses to a customer’s business.   This has deepened their knowledge and understanding of their customers’ operations and challenges and helped them to find new ways to add value and further strengthen our business relationships.

How do you see the future of the relationship between your organisation and INSEAD?

We are very pleased with the quality of INSEAD’s programming and will continue looking at additional learning opportunities and accessing their world-class content. Thank you!