Why Productivity scores don't effectively measure Employee Performance, by Rebecca Knight and Shana Lebowitz, published on September 30, 2022.
Interview with Kaisa Snellman
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The Pandemic Has Dealt a Blow to Gender Balance
Zoe Kinias, Associate Professor of INSEAD Organization Behaviour and the founding Academic Director of INSEAD Gender Initiative. She is the programme director for the INSEAD Gender Diversity Programme, an INSEAD Executive Education online programme.
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Can Zoom Be a Tool for Teaching Anti-racism?
Zoe Kinias, Associate Professor of INSEAD Organization Behaviour and Academic Director of INSEAD Gender Initiative; Modupe Akinola, Associate Professor of Management of Columbia Business School; Erin Kelly, Sloan Distinguished Professor of Work and Organization Studies at MIT Sloan and Michael I.Norton, the Harold M.Brierley Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, co-authored this article bringing DEI-related topics into sharper focus leveraging today's technology.
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TiE Women - IGI Global Pitch Competition 2022 for Southeast Asia: Women Founders - Doing Well by Doing Good
An event showcasing the best women entrepreneurs from South East Asia. Hosted by TiE Singapore, TiE Women in partnership with INSEAD Gender Initiative as Knowledge partner. IGI's Executive Director, Dr. Vinika Rao, Chair of TiE Women SG, delivered the opening address at the concluded SE Asia finals on 28 July 2022.
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Flexibility and Greendesking could be good for everyone, employees and employers alike
Dr. Vinika Rao shares insights on the benefits of flexibility and greendesking.
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The XX Files: Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on gender balance
Professor Zoe Kinias shares insight on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on gender balance.
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ChangeNow Summit: Gender and the future of Work
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How Family-Work Conflict Keeps Us Glued to Our Mobile Phones
Chiara Trombini, INSEAD Postdoctoral Fellow, discusses how torn between family obligations and work, many people can’t resist working on their phones after hours, creating a downward spiral for their well-being and home life.
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> View The Bulletin Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce June issue (pages 42-45 in English and Chinese)
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Business Schools Can Help 'Break the Bias' for Women
Zoe Kinias discusses how Institutions like INSEAD are uniquely equipped to address systemic biases.
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Gratitude is More Powerful than You Think
Chiara Trombini, INSEAD Postdoctoral Fellow, discusses how regular appreciation and thanks from service users can make a huge difference in the lives of burnt-out essential workers.
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Dr. Zoe Kinias: Expert at the Warner Music Group (WMG)'s Global DEI Institute
Zoe Kinias is part of the world-class experts helping WMG drive DEI work across 70+ countries.
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Staff Learning Event: Engaging with Professor Kinias
Professor Zoe Kinias led a lunchtime session around a new case focusing on gender diversity, equity and inclusion. The event was held on February 9th on the Europe campus.
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How Nasdaq’s Board Diversity Rule Creates Potential for Real Change
The new rules requiring qualitative and quantitative disclosure about board diversity will better inform investors and (hopefully) spur further progress.
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Turning the Tide in Mozambique: Developing Gender Inclusion at a Major Transport Hub
Prof. Zoe Kinias led a new case study discussion on November 26th at the Singapore campus.

Why Allyship is Key to Gender Balance
Ilian Mihov and Zoe Kinias discuss how both men and women are key in the efforts to achieve equity.
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DEI When We Need It the Most
Covid-related setbacks require redoubled DEI efforts, but are companies delivering?
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How Disempowerment Drives Demand for Risky Skin-Lightening Products
Empowering darker-skinned women in emerging markets acts as a buffer against a toxic combination of sexism, colourism and economic disadvantage.
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Strategy and Leadership Lessons From the ‘Notorious RBG’
As the business world increasingly strives to be a catalyst for social justice and societal progress, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s work provides many valuable lessons for leaders.
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For a Fairer World We Must Ensure that Women Stay in the Workforce
The impact of Covid-19 on workplace gender balance.
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Foundations for gender balance can be built at home
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The Collective for Equality in Singapore
The Collective for Equality aims to enlist c-suite commitment for better workplace gender balance.
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"Mirvac: Building Balance" Case Study - Winner of the Outstanding Case Writer Competition
This case allows instructors to explore change management; diversity, equity and inclusion; and authentic visionary leadership – with a female CEO as the protagonist. The case won the Outstanding Case Writer Competition: Hot Topic 'Diversity and Discrimination' at The Case Centre Awards and Competitions 2020.
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How Could a “Returner Programme” Help Your Company Win the War on Talent?
Associate Professor Zoe Kinias discusses tools to re-integrate professionals into the workforce, the concept of a 'stereotype threat' and how to prepare yourself to enter the workforce.
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Bringing Talent Back into Workforce
A returner programme that allows professionals to resume careers after an extended break can help companies win the war for talent.
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How to Brace Yourself for Disappointment
A returner programme that allows professionals to resume careers after an extended break can help companies win the war for talent.
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A Career Break Shouldn't Spell Doom for a Woman's Work Life
A returner programme that allows professionals to resume careers after an extended break can help companies win the war for talent.
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Understanding the Origins of White Denial
Even as the existence of systemic racism becomes increasingly apparent, complacency is returning among white people. But research provides tools for reviving white racial consciousness, by remembering and celebrating common humanity.
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Unearthing the Roots of Systemic Racism
Dislodging deep-seated racism will require a comprehensive long-term strategy on the part of leaders, organisations and business schools.
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Can Zoom Be a Tool for Teaching Anti-racism?
Leverage today’s technology to help correct systemic problems.
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Making the “New Normal” Better for Women
How individuals and organisations can keep progressing towards gender balance, in our profoundly disrupted world.
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Disruption as a Force for Good? Gender Balance and COVID-19
The pandemic may disproportionately affect women around the world – but it need not imperil the hard-earned progress toward gender balance.
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Challenging Assumptions About Flexible Work
An INSEAD case study on how a CEO built better work-life balance in the gruelling property industry.
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The Powerful Leadership of African Women
Six women leading the way and inspiring others to realise their potential.
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Putting More Women at the Helm of Corporate Boards
Women make great board chairs. If only there were more of them.
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Enabling Productive Thinking to Develop Gender Balance
Subtle mental shifts can increase people’s responsiveness to the gender gap, and their commitment to doing something about it.
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How the Daily Commute Contributes to the Gender Wage Gap
Women’s aversion for commuting motivates them to look for closer and not-so-well paid jobs compared to men.
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Integrating Diversity into Business Education
Conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion can be uncomfortable. But business school classrooms need to embrace them nonetheless.
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Getting Rid of Gender Bias in Venture Capital
The gender gap in VC doesn’t merely reflect society’s sexism. It’s an alarm bell, warning of an industry’s obsolescence.
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Women Chairs: The Time Is Now
With more women as board chairs, business can better serve society.
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The Challenges Faced by Global Cosmopolitan Women
To tap the full potential of these agents for change, organisations must listen and push beyond assumptions.
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Building Gender Balance Against the Odds
To enable women’s advancement where it’s needed most, individual, interpersonal and institutional changes are required.
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What Makes for Inclusive Working Cultures?
Interventions designed to increase women's cultural fit can also create a better working environment for everyone.
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Creating More Economic Equality for Women
Research from INSEAD’s 2nd annual Women at Work conference on how to address resource-based gender gaps across a wide variety of contexts.
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Freeing Women -- and Men -- From Gender Stereotypes
Research from INSEAD’s 2nd annual Women at Work conference offers practical solutions for establishing gender-balanced workplace norms.
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How PE and VC Are Closing the Gender Gap in Emerging Markets
If including women in senior private equity and venture capital leadership teams improves returns, why is the gender gap still so pervasive?
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Women Are Risk-Takers, Too: Busting Gender Myths in the Start-up Space
A tissue of stereotypes and pseudo-science forms the “rational” basis for gender bias in entrepreneurship.
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Promoting Gender Balance is Everyone's Business
Progressive companies are moving from awareness to action, and systemic challenges must be overcome.
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