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A Global Network of Cutting Edge Business Education and Research


The Mission of the INSEAD-Wharton Alliance

The Alliance is a commitment from both schools to enable & encourage mutual collaboration in MBA, Executive Education, Ph.D., Faculty exchange, Research & Development and in Alumni activities. Every initiative of The INSEAD-Wharton Alliance is driven by the partners to excellence, innovation and to thought leadership in management in the 21st century.

The INSEAD-Wharton Center for Global Research & Education supports the development of innovative programs and teaching materials involving faculty members from the two schools. It enables initiatives (transatlantic MBA group projects, MBA simulation simultaneously run on three continents) that neither partner could have undertaken on its own.

Guillaume Roels
Research Director of the Alliance

18th Year Anniversary Celebration




The INSEAD – Wharton Alliance Memorandum of Understanding Renewal Event took place at INSEAD on Thursday, 28 June 2018.



Our shared vision is the belief that tomorrow’s market leaders in management research and education must have global reach and be part of a global business education and knowledge network. The enhanced use of information and communication technology as well as state-of-the-art learning technologies will be critical components of that global network.

  • Development

of deep collaborative relationships across the two institutions to stimulate faculty and student exchanges, promote world-class research and further enhance globalization of our curricula and learning.
  • Creation

of an image of the “best of the best” working in close collaboration, such that when business people anywhere are asked to name a top business program, Wharton-INSEAD are top-of-mind responses.
  • Enhancement

of each school’s abilities to work with top global corporations for management development and research sponsorship.
  • Continued Improvement

in our ability to attract outstanding faculty to the two schools and the best students to our programs.




The alliance between INSEAD and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is a strategic partnership created in March 2001 to establish academic ties between two prestigious business schools based on the shared belief that tomorrow’s market leaders in management education must have global reach and be part of a global business education and knowledge network with a leadership position in America, Europe and Asia. The demands of fast-paced, multinational companies for superior global education was the key driver behind the decision to form this Alliance.  

  • Mar 2001
    Creation of the INSEAD-Wharton Alliance
  • 2002
    More than 100 MBA students participated in the first exchange
  • July 2004
    Renewal of the INSEAD-Wharton Alliance
  • July 2007
    Renewal of the INSEAD-Wharton Alliance
  • April 2008
    Renewal signing event hosted in New York by INSEAD and Wharton Deans
  • Mar 2011
    10th Anniversary celebration held in London with Deans Dipak C. Jain (INSEAD) and Thomas S. Robertson (Wharton)
  • July 2012
    Renewal of the INSEAD-Wharton Alliance
  • July 2015
    15th anniversary of the Alliance. Renewal until June 2018
  • July 2018
    Alliance renews Memorandum of Understanding until 2021
  • 2001- 2020
    Since its creation, more than 2,105 MBA students have participated in the exchange
  • 2020 - 2021
    Since its creation, more than 2,152 MBA students have participated in the exchange



Leadership Team


Ilian Mihov

Dean of INSEAD
Professor of Economics


Guillaume Roels

Research Director, The INSEAD-Wharton Alliance
Professor of Technology and Operations Management

Suzanne Sellier Di Sano

Manager, The INSEAD-Wharton Alliance



Erika H. James

Dean, The Wharton School

Thomas S. Robertson

Executive Director, The Wharton-INSEAD Alliance
Professor of Marketing

Michele Klekotka

Administrative Manager, The Wharton-INSEAD Alliance




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