Area: Leadership, Negotiations, Governance

Authoring faculty: Horacio Falcao

Teaching faculty: Horacio Falcao

Type of experience: Interactive scripted experience with narrative tree

Learning objectives:

  • Expose learners to the complex challenges of senior level leadership
  • Hone personal leadership skills
  • Apply effective negotiations and communication approaches
  • Provide effective framework for transitioning into senior management positions

Abstract: Learners will take a first-person role in an evolving organizational conflict, called upon to help make strategic decisions in an unfolding narrative of a high paced global Fin-Tech services company. Participants will be confronted with real-life dilemmas, forced to make hard decisions that will lead to critical events both for the company, as well as the individuals involved.

Sessions the experience can be used: 90 minutes to full day session


Area: Leadership, Decision Making

Authoring faculty: Derek Deasy

Teaching faculty: Derek Deasy

Type of experience: Scripted interactive experience

Learning objectives:

  • Implications of transition of power and its effects on individuals, groups, and organizations
  • Effective change management and engaging key stakeholders
  • Growing through challenge - encouraging a culture of accountability in organizations 
  • The role of culture in organizational dynamics
  • Building a culture of trust - micro-cultures enhance or inhibit a sense of one company identity.

Abstract: This immersive experience will attempt to elicit social and cognitive biases, ones that all humans are subconsciously subject to. Participants will play an active role in this experience, asked to make decisions based on their own judgment and understanding, expected to face the consequences of their choices and those of other characters in the experience.

Sessions the experience can be used: 120 minutes to full day session


Area: Strategy

Authoring faculty: Ithai Stern

Teaching faculty: Ithai Stern, Daniel Simonovich, Philipp Meyer-Doyle, Gabriel Szulanski, Ilze Kivleniece 

Type of experience: Scripted with questions

Learning objectives:

  • Identify and define strategic resources which enable sustainable competitive advantage 
  • Identify core competencies and plan growth around them 
  • Innovative solutions for real problems – “outside the box thinking”
  • How to monetize on core assets

Abstract: This virtual reality experience will take learners to the white beaches of Zanzibar, with a mission of helping an industry leader make a strategic decision on how to effectively grow and create new value.

Number of sessions the experience can be used: 90-120 minute session


Area: Operations, Strategy, Entrepreneurship

Authoring faculty: Manuel Sosa

Teaching faculty: Manuel Sosa

Type of experience: Documentary

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to create delightful, convenient, and sustainable customer journeys
  • Apply the design thinking model to generate innovation
  • Generate effective initiatives to create better customer experiences

Abstract: In this facilitated Immersive journey to Singapore’s most vibrant wet market, learners follow shoppers and vendors in their daily routine. Leaners are motivated to analyze and locate areas where they think service and experience can be improved, applying insights to their own reality.

Number of sessions the experience can be used: 60-120 minute session


Area: Operations, Strategy

Authoring faculty: Stephen Chick

Teaching faculty: Stephen Chick

Type of experience: Documentary experience (interactive part to be designed)

Learning objectives:

  • Understand service journeys and the implications of relationships within the service triangle - front stage, organizations and customers.
  • Appreciate the subjective experiences of the different players in each point of the triangle, and streamline the processes
  • Improve service processes, reduce bottleneck, redundancy and waste
  • Healthcare as a service – this experience is specifically designed for healthcare organizations

Abstract: Following the value chain of a medical treatment process, this experience takes participants to Tanzania to reveal a multi-perspective experience. In this interdisciplinary experience, faculty could use to drive diverse takeaways – customer journey and experience, perspective taking, market penetration and others.

Sessions the experience can be used: 90 minutes to half day session


Area: Operations

Authoring faculty: Guillaume Roels

Teaching faculty: Guillaume Roels

Type of experience: Documentary with interactive features

Learning objectives

  • Introduce learners to core concepts in lean management.
  • Apply lean management to broader organizational and management practices.
  • Learn how digital is intertwined with teamwork and apply the case for discussions on value creation and immersive learning as a digital age solution.

Abstract: This virtual reality experience will take learners to an exploratory visit to a high-end production facility, capturing best practices of Lean. The virtual tour is designed to demonstrate how digital transformation and lean practices are implemented and create value in terms of productivity, quality, and efficiency.

Number of sessions the experience can be used: Minimum - 90-minute session / optimal – half a day maximum – complete module

This research has been funded through The Rudolf and Valeria Maag Fund in Entrepreneurship.

Area: Strategy, Marketing, Digital transformation

Authoring faculty: Andrew Shipilov

Teaching faculty: Andrew Shipilov

Type of experience: Curation of VR demos

Learning objectives

  • Gain a vivid understanding of how eco-systems operate, sustain, grow, and potentially dissolve
  • Learn how to adapt corporate strategic approach in centralized vs. adaptive eco-systems
  • Applications of Blue Ocean strategies in tech markets

Abstract: This immersive case study takes executives and students to a journey to reveal the strategic dynamics within eco-systems, and how they are orchestrated, their evolvement, what brings some to flourish many to wither away. In this perspective of eco-system players and life-cycles we will consider VR and immersive learning as a use case, be immersed in the various offerings, and raise dilemmas that are ubiquitous for all industries and eco-systems.
Number of sessions the experience can be used: 90-120 minute session

Area: Leadership

Authoring & teaching faculty: Charles Galunic, Spencer Harrison, Jennifer Petriglieri

Type of experience: Scripted interactive experience

Learning objectives:

  • Effective decision making in complex and ambiguous situations
  • Avoid biases that inhibit effective information sharing within teams
  • Why and how to appreciate listening to others’ perspectives
  • Uncover practical ways of generating minority dissent and sharing non-common information

Abstract: VR Immersive Platform hosting an array of scripted learning experiences, which address leadership challenges on the individual, team and organizational levels

Coming soon – Q3 2021


Area: Diversity & Inclusion

Authoring & teaching faculty: Zoe Kinias

Type of experience: Scripted interactive experience

Learning objectives:

  • Uncover and reflect on biases against negatively stereotyped groups
  • Acknowledging the effects social and cognitive biases
  • Improving attention allocation to diverse voices
  • Sensitizing to our reactions to other team members, potentially signaling devaluation of members of negatively stereotyped groups. healthcare organizations

Abstract: VR has proven to be an innovative and effective behavioural lab, capturing both explicit and implicit reactions, within a controlled and repeatable environment. This research, teaching, and training project will address factors in racial and gender related biases, through a narrative led interactive VR experience.

Coming soon – Q3 2021


Area: Marketing

Authoring & teaching faculty: David Dubois

Type of experience: Scripted interactive experience

Learning objectives:

  • The value of data in creating new value for customers
  • The risks and tradeoffs associated with digitizing customer journeys
  • Effectively managing social media and multi-channel communications
  • Turning bugs to features – effective crisis management healthcare organizations

Abstract: Taking participants into the “Omnichannel Labyrinth” through which customers​ navigate – from their home or hotel to the shopping mall and theme park, enabling​ them to actively observe and “nudge” consumers in their journey across physical, social media and other digital interfaces.

Coming soon – Q4 2021


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