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VR Immersive Learning Initiative

Newsfeed - VR Immersive Learning Initiative

4 - 6 June 2023

1st Annual Meeting of the Global XR Management Community

Location: INSEAD Middle East Campus in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

25 Jan 2023

First time teaching of Farm-to-Table
Faculty: Nathan Furr
Location: INSEAD Europe Campus


19 Jan 2023

VR Demo Workshop at UAE University
Florian Schloderer from INSEAD’s VR Immersive Learning Initiative delivered a VR Demo workshop to 22 faculty at the College of Business and Economics of UAE University in Al Ain. This workshop has been an important step on our roadmap to develop VR collaborations with universities in Abu Dhabi.

20 Dec 2022

New VR Experience “SurfUp! Designing Effective Solutions”
This VR Experience, developed in collaboration with Jacob Goldenberg, has just been completed and presented to faculty from around the world at the Israel Strategy Conference. It is the first of a series of six VR Experiences to teach a whole course on Systematic Creativity.


28 Oct 2022

1st INSEAD Immersive Teaching Workshop
INSEAD’s VR Immersive Learning Initiative starts bringing VR Learning Experiences to other universities and contributes to Abu Dhabi’s higher education ecosystem. We had a great 1st INSEAD VR Immersive Teaching Workshop with faculty from Zayed University, UAE University and NYU Abu Dhabi at the INSEAD Middle East Campus facilitated by @Ithai Stern, @Alon Epstein and @Florian Schloderer. We thank the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) for their support. For further information, see VR Immersive Learning Initiative | INSEAD


14 Sept 2022

Finished filming “Sustainable Supply Chains & Fair-Trade in AAK” in the Shea Belt in Western Africa
This upcoming VR Experience will help participants learn from the example of Shea seed farming in Ghana on how to develop sustainably supply chains


1 Sept 2022

INSEAD-VR launched its newest edition to the immersive learning library – “The Surfers – A Systematic Approach to Creativity”. For the first time, this experience features the Hot-Spot capability bringing the 360 sphere to life. Hot Spots enable learners to choose and manipulate objects in their attempt to solve a puzzle or to investigate the environment they are immersed in. This feature will soon be used in new productions, as well as added to some of our existing documentary immersive site visits.



31 Aug 2022


27 & 28 July 2022

Guillaume Roels presented the “Lean Operations @ CLAAS” case to the teenagers participating at Summer@INSEAD this year and Hilke Plassmann presented the "Heathly eating" experience.


1 June 2022

Completed production of VR experience: Spiral Flow and first time taught in class for the MBA elective
Faculty: Horacio Falcao
Participants take on a first-person role in an unfolding organizational conflict, called upon to help make strategic decisions in the evolving narrative of a high-paced Fin-Tech services company. Participants will take the role of a personal advisor, trying to look out for their side’s best interests. They will be confronted with real life dilemmas, forced to make hard decisions that will determine the outcome of the case. Will they be able to help navigate this complicated situation?
Learners can experience the evolving conflict from two perspectives: The hired CEO (Mansour) or the Founder’s (Alex) perspective.


May 2022

Bologna University and first External client
The INSEAD Immersive Learning team spent three amazing days at Bologna Business School: Running immersive sessions for executives, workshops for faculty and a special session with MBA students talking about the future of the Metaverse.

20 May 2022

7 March 2022

Virtual reality to bring INSEAD Executive MBA learning to life
ZawyaAl KhaleejUAE NewsTrade ArabiaGDN Online

An immersive learning masterclass of Mission to Mars was introduced at the briefing to showcase the technology and highlight how it redefines the management and executive learning at INSEAD


3 March 2022

Alumni and Media event
Faculty: Ithai Stern
Location: Dubai, UAE


22 February 2022

The latest Master Strategist Day (MSD) at INSEAD focused on ALMOUNEER Diabetic Eye Care and the company’s growth strategy for the UAE. Almouneer provides an innovative one-stop online/offline solution to eye problems, particularly resulting from diabetes, often referred to as a the 'silent pandemic' and a leading cause of blindness in the working age group worldwide. The case study is complemented with a virtual reality (VR) experience so the students can fully immerse themselves into the journey of people living with diabetes, their challenges, and care needs.


4 January 2022

How to apply virtual reality to enhance learning experiences

3 November 2021

Human Capital Forum
Faculty: Peter Zemsky and Ithai Stern
Location: INSEAD Middle East Campus


5 October 2021

MBA - Masters Strategist Day
Faculty: Ithai Stern and Daniel Simonovich
Location: INSEAD Europe campus and INSEAD Asia Campus

16 September 2021

15 June 2021

Production test for Mission to Mars shoot in green studio
Location: TwoFour54, Abu Dhabi


17 March 2021

OEP - Blue Ocean Strategy
Faculty: Andrew Shipilov
Location: Virtual

INSEAD completed the first open enrolment program (Blue Ocean Strategy) using VR, led by Professor Andrew Shipilov. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the program was run on Zoom. INSEAD has a VR device fleet at each of its four locations. VR devices were shipped from the closest INSEAD location to the 20 participants in 10 different countries across the world (Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Ukraine, United States).


16 & 17 Feb 2021

MBA - Masters Strategist Day with VR experience: MiracleFeet - Strategic Operations in Service Organization
Faculty: Ithai Stern and Daniel Simonovic
Location: INSEAD Europe campus and Asia campus

February 2021

Completed production of VR experience: MiracleFeet - Strategic Operations in Service Organization
Faculty: Stephen Chick
Following the value chain of a medical treatment process, this experience takes participants to Tanzania to reveal a multi-perspective experience. In this interdisciplinary experience, faculty could use to drive diverse takeaways – customer journey and experience, perspective taking, market penetration and others.


23 December 2020

Live streaming pilot
Location: INSEAD Middle East Campus



September 2020

Completed production of VR experience: Lean management
Faculty: Guillaume Roels
Documentary virtual reality experience, capturing best practices of Lean Manufacturing in a heavy industry plant. The virtual tour is designed to demonstrate how digital transformation and lean practices are implemented and create value in terms of productivity, quality, and efficiency.


September 2020

Completed production of VR experience: Tekka Market – Design thinking
Faculty: Manuel Sosa
In this Immersive journey to Tekka market in Singapore, learners follow shoppers and vendors in their daily routine. Leaners are motivated to analyze and locate areas where they think service and experience can be improved, applying insights to their own reality.


April 2019

Completed production of Strategy VR experience: Avocado Shake – creating a competitive advantage
Faculty: Ithai Stern (also facilitated by Daniel Simonovic and other strategy faculty)
Scripted VR experience, taking participants to the white beaches of Zanzibar, with a mission of helping an industry leader make a strategic decision. The experience has been integrated in Executive Development Programmes and Degree Programmes, over 1,000 INSEAD learners have experienced this.


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