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Mission to Mars - Building a Home


Leadership and effective communication

The year is 2055. ARES 2 space shuttle is on its way to Mars when a shocking accident occurs. Now, ARES 2 must lose a significant part of its payload to be able to safely land on Mars.

In this experience, participants are immersed in ARES Mining Mission Control and in the Mars Base Camp, asked to make a tough decision on the payload cut. Working in teams, participants will gather information and share it between themselves to achieve the best solution, and save crew life and uphold mission objectives. The clock is ticking as the ship gets closer to Mars. What will you decide?

Lean Operation At CLAAS


A VR immersive learning experience

“Go, look, and see for yourself” (genchi gembutsu) – this basic principle of lean manufacturing, has been rejuvenated in this immersive learning experience. Participants are guided through an experiential journey on the CLAAS tractor factory assembly line, exposing them to lean management best practices and applications. Your participants will have the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look into the factory, explore freely and see lean principles in action. How will they apply what they learned to their own workplace?

Al Mouneer - Envisioning the Opportunity

al mounerr

 Leading growth and new market penetration

This experience exposes learners to the challenges associated with localization of strategy in a healthcare business organization, touching on regulation, culture, and other issues common in new market penetration. Learners will be exposed to the efforts invested to make an impact on the diabetes pandemic, by using digital tools, and mindset changing efforts. A case and a new interactive documentary experience will be produced in Abu Dhabi and Egypt. Potentially partnered with Al Mouneer (MSD partner & INSEAD alumni).

Keeping up with the Avocados


Creating a sustainable competitive advantage

Learners will be virtually immersed into a peaceful beach in Zanzibar with white sand, clear turquoise waters, and a variety of exotic juice bars. But how do customers choose which bar to approach? They are situated close to one another, look the same and sell similar products. 
Participants will meet two business owners - Gabriella at Bravocado, and Robert at Zanzi-Bar - and gather details in order to figure out their different business outlooks and competitive advantage. Based on their acquired knowledge, participants will also have an opportunity to consult Gabriella and give her some strategic advice on how to expand her avocado shake business. What would be her optimal option to support sustainable growth?

Surfs Up! Designing Effective Solutions


A systematic approach to creativity & ideation

Katie and TJ are best friends getting ready to compete in a surfing competition. Unfortunately, they discover they have arrived at the wrong beach. Things get even more complicated as they encounter a series of challenges preventing them from getting to the competition on time. Will participants be able to help these unlucky friends to solve their problems? Through a series of interactive interfaces and innovative ways, participants will select options and objects in the virtual sphere.    

This immersive experience will reveal assumptions and biases that limit creative thinking. Participants will be challenged to think “inside the box” to look for solutions from the systematic creativity toolbox.

The Corporate Drawbridge


 Value based decision making

Elysium, a cybersecurity company, is holding a cultural event in honor of its CEO's retirement, and celebrating its new strategic turnaround. But a day before the show, the head of sales (and a major stakeholder in the event) quits the company. The other team members are surprised and worried about the implications for the company and the upcoming event. Can the show really go on?
Participants immerse themselves as the new executive assistant of the company, hired by the new CEO to be his eyes and ears on the ground. Learners will have to be very vigilant to understand the dynamics between company sub-groups and cultures, and how these might affect the company. This immersive experience will elicit social and cognitive biases. Participants will play an active role and make decisions based on their own judgment and understanding of the situation and characters.

Paradoxical Leadership @ FMB


Achieving sustainable conservation for Fundação Maio Biodiversidade (FMB)

It is another beautiful day on Maio, one of the least visited and inhabited islands of Cabo Verde. The team of FMB is celebrating its tenth anniversary and, more importantly, its future direction.
FMB is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of the environment on the island. It has grown from a small start-up to an organization which is firmly embedded in the community.  In this immersive experience, participants will take on the perspective of the next leader of FMB and try to address the competing demands of conservation and community development. Participants need to determine FMBs next stage of development as Maio is about to embark on major infrastructure projects that could overwhelm the delicate ecosystem. Can they help FMB take on these challenges?

Customer Centric Innovation


Wet market tour

Take a virtual tour of Tekka Market, Singapore’s most vibrant wet market. Follow shoppers and vendors in their daily routine, and do a walk through of different stalls selling vegetables, seafood, meat, and spices. In this experience learners analyze and locate areas where they think service and experience can be improved, applying insights to their own reality.

Mission to Mars - Building a Home


Ideation and innovation in teamwork

Ares Mining Base is doing well and is getting ready for the arrival of Ares 3 – the most expensive and largest expedition yet. In order to support three times as many people, a new base needs to be built fast. But a flaw in the design was found, and now a new design needs to be made and manufactured before Ares 3 leaves. Mission Control needs the input of Ares 1 & 2 to produce an optimal solution for how to design the new base camp. The teams will set out on a design hackathon to provide proposals, and may the best team win! Learners will observe both teams working and interview team members, assess team dynamics and attitudes so they can recommend the best solution for Mission Control. This experience takes learners on an ideation and innovation journey, exploring what it really means to work as a team towards a challenging outcome and understanding that not everything that seems polished is actually effective.

Mission To Mars - The Airlock

mars 3

Developing and assessing crisis management skills

As the sun sets on the Mars horizon, two astronauts approach the Ares Mining base camp. A wild sandstorm is raging around them, making it hard to see. Through the light cast down from the airlock shaft, one team member can be seen reaching out to open the door. It slides open and immediately, they both step in, leaving a cloud of dust behind them. In this experience, participants will hone their crisis management skills in one of two conditions: 

Condition 1: Participants are immersed together with the team members inside the airlock. The door is locked and the air is becoming scarce. What should they do to survive? 

Condition 2: Learners are immersed in the control room of the Ares Mining base camp on Mars. They have to figure out what caused the airlock to seal and help the other team members get out safely. Will they make it on time?

Service Operations Strategy at Miraclefeet


Strategic operations in service organizations

The Usa River Clinic in Tanzania is full of patients today. Clinic personnel care for young children suffering from clubfoot - a congenital birth defect limiting mobility - while their mothers hold them in their arms. Patients from all over Tanzania can come to the clinic thanks to MiracleFeet, a non-profit organization providing access to treatment for clubfoot in low income countries. In this experience, participants will immerse as MiracleFeet's advisers, and explore its unique strategic, organizational, and operational model. MiracleFeet is facing significant changes as they plan to expand their offering to middle income countries, and participants are challenged to help them achieve their goals. What new strategies will they develop?

Negotiating the future of Spiral Flow


Navigating through leadership, governance, and conflict

See how leadership, decision making, and negotiation come to life in this immersive experience, based on a real-life case. Participants take on a first-person role in an unfolding organizational conflict, when called upon to help make strategic decisions in the evolving narrative of a high-paced Fintech services company. Participants will take the role of a personal advisor, trying to look out for their side’s best interests. They will be confronted with real life dilemmas, forced to make hard decisions that will determine the outcome of the case. Will they be able to help navigate this complicated situation?

Learners can experience the evolving conflict from two perspectives: The hired CEO (Mansour) or the Founders’ (Alex) perspective. 

See how priming and taking on different roles deeply influence the positions and outcome of this adaptive and interactive simulation.

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