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STARTUP by [email protected]

Rules for Participants



Participants are required to stay for the whole duration of the programme. Participants are expected to take part in all scheduled activities (classes, talks, teamwork ….). Only in special circumstances, and with the approval of the head of [email protected], may a participant missed a scheduled activity.

Cellular phones

Participants are not allowed to have mobilee phones turned on during class time or at any other time that requires their attention to be directed to [email protected] activities.


Participants are expected to dress in a manner that is not disruptive to others. Dress code regulations include:

  • No clothing, accessories, bags, etc. displaying logos of racist groups, gangs, obscene language, vulgar gestures, drug references, racist, ethnic or sexual symbols, or slurs or symbols of hate, prejudice, intolerance or discrimination.
  • No underwear or nightdress as outerwear.
  • In virtual classrooms and teamwork, please note the following:
    • No hats, headwear, or sunglasses (except if outdoors, for religious observation, or by prescription)
    • Shirts must be worn at all times


Participants are not allowed to instigate or participate in pranks targeted toward other programme participants, staff, or participants of other programmes, as well as any other INSEAD staff, faculty, and guest speakers.


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