A unique opportunity for talented high-school students to widen and enhance their academic pursuits, as well as to meet other students from around the world with similar aspirations and abilities. 

A transformative experience for students not just an incremental gain in factual business knowledge and skills, but also a positive change in themselves, in their own capabilities to think critically and creatively.

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Learn about business, its critical role in society, and the ways in which it can and should be a force for good. Learn to work with a global team, learn about yourself and from others. 



Adrian Johnson    

Adjunct Professor

Programme Director, Summer @ INSEAD



Peter Zemsky

Deputy Dean, Professor of Strategy, 

The Eli Lilly Chaired Professor of Strategy and Innovation


 Subramanian Rangan

 Professor of Strategy and Management, 
 The Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court Endowed 
 Chair in Societal Progress


Miguel Lobo

Associate Professor of Decision Sciences,
Director of the Middle East Campus in Abu Dhabi



Erin Meyer

Senior Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour



Antoine Duvauchelle

Adjunct Professor





Ron Adner

Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship


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Join our team. Be a counsellor for Summer @ INSEAD. Open for university students only.

Counsellors play a crucial role in the academic, residential, and social aspects of Summer @ INSEAD. They provide supervision of participants for all the programme activities and residential experiences. They also act as teaching assistants, providing instructional support during teamwork.
This is a full-time residential position.

For further information about Summer @ INSEAD internship position and the application form, click here

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No, students will not be graded on their work. Upon completion of the programme, each student will receive a certificate of completion during the closing ceremony.

No. Summer@ INSEAD is a credit free programme.

Students will be expected to work in teams for one to two hours per day on average. Prior to the programme, students may have to read some case studies and prepare a short presentation about themselves. Further information about pre-Summer assignments will be sent at a later stage.





Pascale Balzé 

Programme Head 


Marie-Angelique Picard 

Programme Coordinator 


Dezma Dsouza

Programme Assistant



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