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Supplier information - Procurement

As one of the world's leading and largest graduate business schools, INSEAD offers participants a truly global educational experience. With campuses in Europe (France), Asia (Singapore) and Middle East (Abu Dhabi), and alliances with top institutions, INSEAD's business education and research spans around the globe. Our 154 renowned faculty members from 40 countries inspire more than 1,400 students in our degree and PhD programmes. In addition, more than 11,000 executives participate in INSEAD's executive education programmes each year.

Further information about INSEAD, our rich heritage, our ambitions, products and services and values can be found throughout this website.

Additionally, you can download this institutional overview of INSEAD with helpful background and information.

Who we are

Over recent years, INSEAD has grown significantly in presence and scale whilst maintaining its reputation as one of the world’s leading business schools. As a part of the school’s efforts to be able to deliver sustainable growth a new global Procurement function was launched in September 2019.

INSEAD continues to operate to a set of guiding procurement principles in all of the dealings it has with potential and existing partners and suppliers.


Information on our procurement process will be made available to all relevant stakeholders: contractors, suppliers, service providers, unless there are valid and legal reasons for keeping certain information confidential.

When a tender process is undertaken it will include sufficient details for interested contractors, suppliers and service providers to determine if they are qualified to compete.

After reading the solicitation documents, interested parties should be able to determine:

  • the nature of the requirement and its scope
  • the closing date for submission of offers or information
  • Evaluation and selection criteria and applicable contractual requirements
  • how and where offers should be submitted
  • the number of copies to be submitted, and point of contact for additional information and response to queries (clarifications)
  • the deadline for submission of queries
  • the schedule of pre-bid meetings and site visits (if applicable), and any other pertinent details
  • Additionally, if there is a change to the solicitation documents, all stakeholders will be notified using the same publications that were used for the initial notification, so interested contractors, suppliers or service providers can take necessary and timely actions to comply with the change.


Bidders, and all other required stakeholders, will be able to rely on any information disseminated by INSEAD, formally or informally. Documentation and the information they contain will be dependable and free of ambiguities or bias.

When reviewing such documentation, prospective bidders will be able to determine if they are qualified to undertake the scope of the engagement. They also will be able to assess the need for association with other bidders and the type of association they would need to form given their qualifications and the requirements of the assignment.

Bidders will have a clear understanding of the requirement and know how they will be evaluated. As much as possible, criteria will remain unchanged unless there is need to modify them. If modification is required, documentation will be amended, published and made available to all prospective bidders. Any changes in the offer submission date, will allow bidders sufficient time to adjust their offers accordingly to meet the new submission deadline.


Everyone associated with the procurement process or directly responsible for facilitating the acquisition of goods and services with INSEAD funds, will strive to avoid fraud and waste of resources.


Procurement requirements will be, to the best of our ability, open to all qualified organizations and individuals. Confidential and proprietary information belonging to organizations and individuals participating in the process will not be available publicly, and the extent of their disclosure will be detailed in the procurement rules or other relevant regulation.

The evaluation of offers received is always kept confidential until the INSEAD reaches a final conclusion. This will be defined in the released tender documentation.


Decision–making and actions will be unbiased, and no preferential treatment will be extended to individuals or organizations.

All offers will be considered on the basis of their compliance with the stipulations of the requirement and offers will not be rejected for reasons other than those specifically stated in the solicitation documents and the procurement rules.

Suppliers, contractors or service providers may request to receive feedback on their application post an award by submitting a request to the procurement team member handling the tender.


The procurement process will not be manipulated for the benefit of any organization or individual. As far as practically possible, all eligible organizations and individuals will be invited to participate into a required tender based upon their capability to fulfil key tender requirements. INSEAD will continually work to understand respective partner and potential supplier capabilities in assessing its needs, and to improve partner and supplier communication with respect to communicating upcoming opportunities to work with the school.


We strive for accountability in procurement and place the required checks and balances within our procedures to ensure that processes operate and openly and as fairly as they can.

These checks and balances and our tender practices are consistently audited to ensure good governance and compliance.

Procurement at INSEAD

INSEAD’s general Terms and Conditions are available by clicking on the relevant link below. They are based upon the goods or services provided by the Supplier and referenced on the Purchase Order under ‘Applicable Purchasing Terms and Conditions’’. They will state either “Goods”/ ”Services” / ”Media” / "Teaching" / “Events”, or “Specific” if a specific set of terms and conditions are agreed between INSEAD and Supplier.

The applicable and prevailing Terms and Conditions are available below for:

These general terms and conditions may be updated by INSEAD from time to time without any prior notification. INSEAD may agree to use specific terms and conditions for some specific services, which will be mutually agreed between INSEAD and the supplier before contract signature.

INSEAD’s preference is to always use its own terms and conditions rather than a Supplier’s as this allows all our suppliers to be treated equally and without discrimination, acting in a transparent and proportionate manner, as well as far greater contractual protection of our school and its students.

This also enables INSEAD to ensure that suppliers are aware of its position in relation to the environment and ethics, allowing INSEAD to terminate any contractual relation where it is confirmed that Supplier is in breach of INSEAD values or legal requirements.

General Terms & Conditions

Below is a list of key additional INSEAD policies and documentation that may be required, and will be available here soon.

Additional Documentation

Ensuring we have your correct information is of primary importance to us. You are able to notify us at any time of a change in contact name, company or payment/bank details by contacting us at [email protected] stating your reason for change in details. We will use the receiving email address to commence our supplier update process.

In order to process these requests, INSEAD is obliged to verify, where required, the information supporting your request.

The specific documentation required by INSEAD varies based upon your requested details change. Specific instructions will be sent to you outlining the valid documentation that we require. However, below is some guideline information on what you should expect to provide in support of your change in details request:

Changing your contact details (name, telephone number, email address):

Changing your registered Address:

  • Updated certificate of Incorporation for headquarter
  • Updated certificate of Incorporation if applicable or declaration for local offices

Changing your Company Details following to Change of control, Merger, Demerger or Acquisition:

  • Updated registration of incorporation document no less than 3 months old
  • Applicable deed or relevant certificate/sections
  • Updated contact and payment details

Changing your Payment Details:

  • An official bank Statement/IBAN/RIB no longer than 6 months old

Once a request for details change has been completed, you will be notified through the contact email registered in our systems.

Updating your details

Due to specific French Law n°2005-1334 published on October 27th, 2005, and the French Act n° 2011-1601 published on 21 November 2011 with respect to concealed labour: all Suppliers (whether independent contractors or companies) that perform services in France for INSEAD are required to provide certain documents, upon signature of the contract and every six months until termination of the contract.

Such documents must be uploaded on the Provigis site (French only)

If a Supplier is registered in France the documentation requirements are below:

I. An “ Attestation de fourniture de déclarations sociales et de paiement des cotisations sociales ” proving the Service provider belongs to the French Social Security Organization (URSSAF or RSI)
II. An “extrait K-Bis” not older than 6 months for companies or/If the Service Provider is an independent (sole proprietor) an “extrait d’inscription au répertoire des métiers”
III. If the Supplier employs employees, complete and provide the “a certificate, original copy and not more than six months old, with respect to those employees required to hold a work permit
IV. Valid IBAN

If a Supplier is registered outside of France:

I. A certificate of incorporation, which must be less than 6 months old, or an Independent Contractor Certificate if the service provider is independent
II. A document establishing that the service provider is up to date with his social security payments in his country of residence
a. for European (EC members and Switzerland) countries: the A1/E 101 certificate
b. for non-European countries having signed an international social security agreement with France: a certificate complying with the requirements of the bilateral agreement proving that the contractor is up to date with his social security payments in his country of residence (ex: Form SE 404-02 for the USA)
c. for non-European countries who have not signed an international social security agreement with France: a certificate showing that the contractor (or his employee) is up to date with his social security payments to a similar organization as the URSAFF in his country of residence
III. If the Supplier employs employees, provide a certificate, original copy and not more than six months old, with respect to those employees required to hold a work permit in France
IV. A Valid IBAN

If the Supplier posts one or more employees in France, in accordance with sections L.1262 and L.1262-2 of the French Labour Code,

  • If services are to be performed in France, the supplier must send a statement, prior to the assignment posting, to the French government labour inspectorate through the SIPSI online service and e-mail a copy of this statement to INSEAD at [email protected] prior to the posting.
  • The Supplier shall designate a representative of the company on the national territory in charge of being a point of contact with the agents described under section L.8271-1-2 during the course of the Services and shall inform INSEAD.

All suppliers shall also provide a sworn statement to confirm that all payment obligations and due administrative fines according to L. 1262-4-1, III, of Labour Law French Code have been fulfilled.

These regulations form part of INSEAD’s general Terms and Conditions and must be adhered to.

Concealed Work requirements for people-based services provided in France

If you are required to carry out or instruct delivery of goods to one of our campuses, please find below relevant guidance to ensure that the goods are delivered with the maximum of efficiency.

If goods and/or services are required to be delivered outside of one of our campus locations, then specific delivery instructions will be displayed within the Purchase Order.

Please consult the documents linked below for delivery to our:

Guidance in the delivery of goods to one of our Campuses

If you have questions that are not answered through the guidance here, or the explicit instructions contained within the purchase order, then please contact us through [email protected]

Further help and advice

La version française de ces informations seront bientôt disponible ici.

Pour toute question en attendant, merci de contacter [email protected]