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INSEAD PhD Fellowship - Tuition Fee

Tuition fees are waived for the first five years* of the programme - coursework fees for the first two years and dissertation fees for the next three years. Students do not have to take out loans to finance their PhD studies. 

INSEAD PhD Fellowship - Stipend, Research and Budget Support

For AY 2022, the annual stipend covers S$ 56,000 for Singapore-based students and 32,000 € for Fontainebleau-based students. The grant includes accommodation and living expenses. Moreover, research and conference budget support is provided in addition to it, averaging S$ 4,080 for Singapore students, and 2,000 € for Fontainebleau students, along with comprehensive health insurance coverage that covers students, spouses and children.*

Students are not required to do research or teaching assistantships in exchange for the fellowship since these are part of the curriculum and included in the funding. 

INSEAD PhD FELLOWSHIP - Health Insurance Coverage

Students also receive comprehensive international health insurance coverage, which includes spouses and children. 

Once admitted to INSEAD, the programme will offer automatic annual funding, regardless of background. Admitted students need not worry about associated costs in pursuing doctoral studies. Kindly note that we renew the financing annually, contingent upon satisfactory progress in the programme. 

* Information is correct as of 05 April 2022, 11:22 SGT. Overall financial support, including the stipend, regularly undergoes review. Therefore, students and prospects are subsequently updated if there are any revisions. 

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