Campus Exchange

During the first two years of the programme, most students will spend some time on the INSEAD campus that is not their original base. Although there are set times and restrictions to campus exchanges, INSEAD feels that exposure to both campuses - Europe or Asia -  is an important component of learning and training.

Once the dissertation phase is reached, approach to campus choice is quite flexible. Many students opt to spend longer or shorter periods of time on the other campus, depending on the location of key faculty members or their own personal interests and commitments. Permanent exchanges are also possible, a one-time request, subject to the approval by the Academic Director.

PhD students also have the opportunity to spend time at Abu Dhabi campus, if there is a benefit to their research. 

Exchanges with and visits to other institutions 

INSEAD may enter exchange programmes with other academic institutions, allowing students to attend certain courses there or to carry out research. This is subject to the approval of the Academic Director. In such cases, tuition fees and living expenses are generally covered by the home institution. Visits to other institutions of INSEAD PhD students may also be approved for specific periods to enable students to undergo specific training in topics for where there are relevant experts outside INSEAD.

The INSEAD-Wharton Alliance PhD Exchange Programme 

INSEAD’s alliance with The Wharton School is part of a major strategic partnership between the two schools. Exchanges and visits of doctoral students are major pillars of this long-standing relationship. Each school offers complementary centres of expertise and campus locations for a compelling global network that no other school can offer. PhD students largely benefit from this collaborative relationship between the two schools. Some financial aid may be available through the Alliance Centre for Global Research and Development for exchanges and other research-related activities, all subject to prior approval by both schools.

8th Annual INSEAD-Wharton Doctoral Consortium, 25 - 27 October 2019, The Wharton School 
7th Annual INSEAD-Wharton Doctoral Consortium, September 26 - 28, 2018, INSEAD Europe Campus
6th Annual Wharton-INSEAD Doctoral Consortium, November 7 - 8, 2017, The Wharton School
5th Annual INSEAD-Wharton Doctoral Consortium, December 7 - 9, 2016, INSEAD Asia Campus
4th Annual Wharton-INSEAD Doctoral Consortium, September 30 - October 02, 2015, The Wharton School

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