Franck Vieville

Nationality: French
Age: 30
Partner: '12D Class
Education: Master Degree
Work experience before INSEAD: Air Traffic Controller at Paris Charles De Gaulle airport

 Come to INSEAD. The school will most likely change your partner's life and it may change yours as well. 


1. Did you have any concerns before coming to INSEAD and if so how did you deal with them?

Right from the beginning of the program we knew that we will spend the first six months on the Singapore campus and will go back to France (where we lived before moving to Singapore) for the four remaining months. I was lucky to be able to take a leave from my job thus my concern was to figure out how I would spend those six months abroad. The biggest question for me was whether to work or not. At the end I decided to go to Singapore and see what is it look like and then choose accordingly.

2. How would you describe the partners’ community?

There are more female than male partners in the community. The few male partners I have heard about are working full time, but I must admit that I have never met any of them. However I am not as involved in the community as some other partners. But what I feel is that the community is a really valuable part of the global INSEAD family - the partners are involved in the school life, they are part of the fun activities, parties and weekend trips and they add even more diversity to the students` community.

3. How does a typical day look like for you?

Because I will only stay six months in Singapore and then go back to work in Paris, I chose not to look for a job here. So a typical day for me is as a typical vacation day. I usually spend mornings checking and answering mails and working on my English course lessons. Afternoons are often dedicated to sports as tennis for example. I found out that taking lessons with local coaches and giving lessons to partners or INSEAD students is a very efficient way of socializing and meeting new people.

4. How has INSEAD contributed to your personal and professional development?

The incredible diversity of people both partners and students is what I find most valuable. Open mindedness is the most common quality observed around and interacting in this social environment is an amazing enriching experience.

5. What personal advice would you give to future INSEAD partners?

Come to INSEAD. The school will most likely change your partner's life and it may change yours as well.

6. What are your plans after INSEAD?

Getting married, going back to work and staying in touch with as much new friends as possible.


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