Research project on the evolution of regional aerospace ecosystems

Project abstract

This project studied the changing geographic distribution of the aerospace supply chain, including factors driving  these changes and consequences of these changes for evolutionary pressures on regional aerospace ecosystems. Adaptive responses to these evolutionary ecosystem pressures are described for the following two aerospace regions: the Hamburg Metropolitan Region in Germany, and the Basque Country in Spain.

Publications, working papers and Case studies

  • Desmond Hickie, Neil Jones and Florian Schloderer (forthcoming): Globalisation, competitiveness and the supply of highly skilled labour in civil aerospace. In: Diversities of Innovation, ed. Ulrich Hilpert, Routledge, UK.
  • Neil Jones, Pascale Balze, Desmond Hickie, Florian Schloderer (in preparation):  Development efforts in the aerospace ecosystem of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region in Germany
  • Neil Jones, Pascale Balze, Desmond Hickie, Florian Schloderer (in preparation): Development efforts in the aerospace ecosystem of the Basque Country in Spain
  • Neil Jones, Anthony Mullen, Florian Schloderer: Factors affecting firm locations in high-tech industries: A review of the literature. Working paper.


Neil Jones

Neil Jones is a Senior Affiliate Professor of Strategy at INSEAD. Professor Jones has taught Business Strategy and Management widely in North America, Europe, and Asia in both MBA and Executive Programmes. Professor Jones’s research interests are rooted in a wish to understand the strategic implications of technological change. He is especially interested in environments of increasing complexity. 


Florian Schloderer

Florian Schloderer is a lecturer at INSEAD and manager of the INSEAD Randomized Controlled Trials Lab. His research focuses on new industry emergence and organizational change, in particular from the perspective of social categorization and network dynamics.  He worked on a study about the evolution of regional aerospace ecosystems, and the development of the GulfCom Simulation, an experience-based multimedia learning simulation for the training of change managers in the Middle East.


Desmond Hickie

Professor Hickie has spent his career working in the UK university system. Latterly he was successively Founding Dean of Chester Business School and of the Faculty of Business, Management and Law at the University of Chester. He has researched and written about the aerospace industry for over 30 years, including projects funded by the European Union, the Economic and Social Research Council, the European TUC and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. He has developed and delivered innovative postgraduate leadership and management development programmes for a number of international businesses and UK public authorities, including BMW, Landrover, Ford and the Littlewoods Group. He is an Emeritus Professor of the University of Chester.


Pascale Balzé

Pascale Balzé is a research associate based on the INSEAD Abu Dhabi Campus.  Since taking her position in May 2010, Pascale has produced a variety of research papers as well as written and video case studies for INSEAD. Before joining INSEAD, Pascale worked as an economist for over 15 years on the Middle East and Africa with several government agencies, think-tank organizations and NGOs – including the UK Department for International Development, the French Ministry of Finance, The Economist Intelligence Unit and Oxfam. Pascale has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Mathematics, along with a Master’s degree in Econometrics, and a Post Master’s degree in Industrialization and Project Evaluation in Emerging Markets.


Anthony Mullen

Anthony Mullen is an Associate with Promontory Financial Group in Dubai. He assists financial institutions throughout the Middle East and Turkey in matters of risk management, regulatory compliance, performance enhancement, and strategic planning. Prior to joining Promontory, Anthony studied international relations and Arabic at Dartmouth College. He also interned at the Global Partnership Initiative at the U.S. Department of State, where he helped promote public-private partnerships through the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. Anthony has held research positions at INSEAD and Dartmouth College.



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