Yann Cornil (France)

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia, Canada


INSEAD Professors provide excellent training not only in research methods and theory, but also in preparation for my job market search in my final year.


INSEAD is a school, which nurtures its PhD students. During my first year in the programme, I had numerous interactions with every single INSEAD Professor with whom I could grow research affinities and personal ties with them all. Their doors are always open, and they are happily willing to share ideas. INSEAD Professors have extremely broad research agendas, but also very diverse approaches to advising PhDs (some are "hands on", while others are "hands off"). This allows PhD students to develop their own research interests, and find adequate mentorship depending on their personalities. By the end of the first year, I developed a strong interest - it eventually became a passion - in food research, and I started collaborating with Pierre Chandon who became my advisor. My collaboration with Pierre has not only been prolific in terms of articles, conferences and grant acceptance, but also extremely pleasant exchanges on a day-to-day basis. Further, Pierre - it is also the case for other INSEAD faculty - would never hesitate in putting his students forward to ensure their visibility.

INSEAD Professors provide excellent training, not only in research methods and theory during the first couple of years of the PhD, but also in preparation for the job market during the last year. They spent countless hours with me, in individual and collective meetings, in order to prepare me for my job talks and job interviews.

For all these reasons, I am very grateful to INSEAD. I strongly encourage any motivated candidate to apply to its PhD Programme and live the same passionate experience as the one I lived.

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