David Clough (United Kingdom)

INSEAD PhD Candidate, Entrepreneurship Area
M.Eng, Manufacturing Engineering Tripos (2009)
University of Cambridge (King’s College, 2009)


I chose INSEAD because it is in the top tier worldwide of institutions for research in strategy and entrepreneurship related areas. It is an environment where I am exposed to new ideas every day.


I was attracted by the chance to study in Europe, Asia and the US, and in my PhD, I have fulfilled this ambition, spending time on both INSEAD’s main campuses and on exchange at Wharton. I’ve also visited the Abu Dhabi campus for a workshop on research methods. When I first visited the campus, I found the people welcoming and the atmosphere to be very stimulating. Its environment is highly diverse. In the immediate cohort I joined with, there were 12 nationalities out of 13 people!

Staying in engineering field was not something that every really crossed my mind. I had already moved into business strategy by working in strategy consulting after Cambridge. The main benefit of the engineering training for the PhD was that it trained me in quantitative skills. Moreover, my undergraduate degree in manufacturing engineering triggered an interest in the processes of technology entrepreneurship that I have been able to pursue further in INSEAD’s PhD program. My engineering background left me well equipped for the quantitative aspects of the PhD, although I’ve also learned a new set of skills in social science research methods and theories.

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