INSEAD Advanced Sports Analytics Initiative (IASAI): Focus on Football

The ambition of IASAI is to build a leading research group in Sports Analytics, which will have impact on management and performance of sports.

Sport is playing a major role in societies, in part as entertainment, identity, motivation for health and fitness and being a major industry.

The key focus in sports is on how to gain a competitive edge. In other disciplines, such as medicine, engineering and finance, achieving a competitive edge is predominantly approached by analysis. However, sports in general, and football in particular, are lagging behind on this aspect. IASAI aims at building a research group that will become a leader within Sports Analytics.

Football is the world’s largest sport and is played on a global basis. Furthermore, it is one of the most challenging sports to analyze, in part due to its fluid nature. IASAI will have initial focus on football, and plan to gradually extend focus to other sports. Reasons for this include (i) that we have access to a unique dataset of football, and (ii) that if one tries to be to broad initially it will be at the cost of depth and quality.

IASAI will give INSEAD an opportunity to build a leading group in the discipline of Sports Analytics, and to strengthen the research presence on the Abu Dhabi Campus. 

Faculty project leader: Professor Nils RUDI.

Project funded by the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), and done in collaboration with: Amisco Prozone.

For more detailed information on this project, download the INSEAD Knowledge article, with interview of Professor RUDI, entitled: “Beyond Moneyball: Data-Mining the Premier League.”

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