The latest news on how INSEAD Master Programmes is
responding to the COVID-19 situation.

Last updated: 31 August 2020 

In this time of global uncertainty, our hearts go out to you and your loved ones. We understand that you may have many questions or feel concerned in regards to studying at INSEAD.

I would like to reassure you that we are fully committed to ensuring the safety of our students, candidates and the entire INSEAD community worldwide.

On this page we have outlined the measures we are taking to enable safe learning, as well as safe application procedures for all current and prospective students.

Stay safe and we look forward to welcoming you at INSEAD!

Warm regards,


Katy Montgomery
Associate Dean, INSEAD Degree Programmes

Re-Opening Roadmap


Let's make it happen!

We are excited to bring people back together on our campuses following our temporary closure due to COVID-19. The health, safety and wellbeing of our community remains our top priority as we do so. It is up to each of us to ensure that we welcome our classmates, professors and colleagues back in the safest possible way. Thank you for playing your part!

campus access

the spread

and track


Using these four pillars, we are developing measures to safeguard the health of our constituents as much as possible.

We will continuously review and re-evaluate these to use the best and most effective prevention practices as new information and developments emerge.

Our Four Pillars Approach

Returning to Campus


Wear your mask

Respect social distancing

Avoid physical contact

Wash your hands

Clean as you go

Download contact tracing app

We are committed to providing a safe environment for our community by adhering to and often going above and beyond local government regulations. We also have the flexibility to close our campuses and move activities online should the crisis escalate again.

To ensure we are all adhering to the same guidelines, you will be invited to complete a COVID-19 awareness module, followed by a short quiz and signing the INSEAD Community Commitment. A personal e-mail will be sent to you before your arrival on campus allowing you to complete the requirements including the campus specific measures. 

Completing the awareness module, taking the short quiz, and signing the INSEAD Community Commitment must be completed before accessing any of our campuses, and a RT-PCR test is required for access to our Abu Dhabi and Fontainebleau campuses. You must await your RT-PCR test results before accessing campus. Only exception will be to come on campus for testing.

We have met liaised with the Student Council, GEMBA Student Representatives about the process and have incorporated their feedback into the safety measures and specifics around processes. Thank you to these student leaders for your thoughtful comments and ideas.

For the GEMBA/TIEMBA participants we already have had the pleasure of seeing back on campus for in-person teaching, we will invite you to complete the entire module once it is finalized even if you already completed the INSEAD Community Commitment for re-entry. For those of you remaining or coming to Fontainebleau, we remind you to do the RT-PCR test.

In Singapore masks continue to be mandatory when people go outside their homes. Likewise, mask wearing will be required, except when eating and drinking, on the Asia campus.  

Download the TraceTogether App. 

Testing will only happen if prescribed by a doctor or mandated by government. Testing prior to arriving on campus will not be required.

The French government and the Fontainebleau mayor have announced a “mandatory mask everywhere” policy. Mask wearing will be required, except when eating and drinking, on the Europe campus and outdoors in Fontainebleau in several streets, markets and in the Chateau Parc.  

Download the StopCOVID App. 

Testing schedule on campus

Plan ahead and sign-up for your test appointment today

Testing will take place on campus (CII Building) 07:30  12:00, Friday 28 August, Monday 31 August, Wednesday 2 September and Saturday 5 September. More testing dates will be released for those of you starting on later programmes and for re-testing for those of you who remain on campus.

If you cannot make these and future testing days, you can find other SynLab testing centres with SynLabs Global Locator here. The test must be taken preferably less than 72 hours (but never more than 96 hours) prior to accessing the campus. Please also note that re-testing is mandatory during a programme if its duration is longer than 7 days. 

If you choose to take a test off-campus you are required to complete a sworn statement found in INSEADs Fontainebleau Testing Policy. We invite you to read the Testing Policy in detail to ensure you have the complete information including what and how to submit your testing certificate. 

It is best to test before arriving on campus and to limit your interactions with other students or colleagues prior to receiving your test results. This will provide a greater chance of you not becoming a suspect case and subsequently having to carry out a 14 day isolation period.

In Abu Dhabi masks continue to be mandatory when people go outside their homes. Likewise, mask wearing will be required, except when eating and drinking, on the Middle East campus.  

Download the ALHOSN App

A negative RT-PCR test result is mandatory for all students/participants before they can access the INSEAD Middle East campus. The test must be taken preferably less than 72 hours (but never more than 96 hours) prior to accessing the campus. Please also note that re-testing is mandatory during a programme if its duration is longer than 7 days. It will be required weekly or half-way in the programme for all people on campus, ensuring there is only a maximum of 7 days between the first and second test. 

Your partner is welcome on campus provided they complete the same requirements as for our student population. Should they wish to come, they must send an e-mail to Asia [email protected] / Europe [email protected] and they will receive information on the required steps to take prior to arriving on campus.  

Further information on COVID-19 Student/Participant Policies will be circulated early in the week commencing 31 August 2020.

We have heard from a number of US schools that they will be delivering purely online or with very limited engagement on campus.  We do not want this to happen because of reasons that are under our own control. This means being vigilant about wearing a mask and social distancing both on-campus as well as off-campus, too. This is a delicate situation and we can only deliver in-person teaching and allow access to campus if everyone follows the rules.  I know it is not ideal, but it is our best chance to be one of the few business schools open and allowing our community members to engage in-person.  

Please contact [email protected] if you have any further questions or need clarifications.

We have reduced the number of entry points to one on our Asia Campus and San Francisco Hub and one per building on our Europe Campus. The building where our Middle East Campus is located has reduced the number of entrances to one at ground-floor level.

Our Asia Campus is equipped with a SafeEntry kiosk to register visitors and measure temperatures.

Temperature screenings are also in place at the entrance to our Middle East Campus building and on a voluntary basis at our San Francisco Hub.

Masks are mandatory to enter any of our campuses or locations and must be worn at all times – whether indoors or outdoors. The only exception is when sitting at the restaurant or – for the Europe Campus only – when in your private office, in which meetings cannot take place. We will provide all employees and Degree Programme students with a welcome kit on your return to campus, which will contain four reusable masks.

Social distancing is in place on all campuses/locations and is clearly marked throughout.

One-way systems are in place for safe circulation.

The capacity of the Prayer Room on our Middle East Campus has been reduced to 30%. Users must bring their own prayer mat. The ablution area and prayer room will be sterilised after use.

Hand sanitiser and disinfectant is available throughout our campuses/locations to ensure everyone plays their part in maintaining a clean and hygienic learning and working environment. This ranges from hand sanitiser dispensers to disinfectant wipes in meeting rooms and amphis.

The frequency of cleaning has been increased.

Air conditioning systems have been disinfected and filters are regularly cleaned or replaced. Adjustments have also been made to increase the amount of fresh air in-take.

Social distancing is promoted in dining and coffee break areas.

On the Europe and Asia Campus takeaway is available and the restaurant has reduced capacity and food options.

There are no coffee break deliveries in meeting rooms and offices.

Buffet meals are replaced with served pre-packed meals depending on requirements.

Students/participants and employees are encouraged to use their own cups and water bottles. This also supports our #SDGsmart commitment.

The Fitness Centres on our Europe and Asia Campuses are open with restrictions in place.

On the Asia Campus, a booking system will be available. We will share further details about this here soon.

On our Europe Campus, group classes are suspended until further notice. A limited number of members may access and use the gym equipment at any one time. The changing areas and showers are closed. Forest runners and users of the municipal football and rugby pitches should make alternative arrangements to dress and shower.

Increased cleaning is in place in the Fitness Centres on both campuses.

INSEAD Hotels on our Europe Campus and INSEAD Residences on our Asia Campus cannot accept guests at this time. Our booking agents can support our community with alternative options.

If you are taking a taxi to our Europe Campus please take note of the following, as per local government guidelines:

  • There may be a maximum two passengers per car, excluding the driver, with no front passenger.
  • Masks are obligatory for the passengers and the driver.
  • If the car is fitted with a partition wall, the driver is exempt from wearing a mask.
  • Hand sanitiser is available in cars.
  • The car will be ventilated and disinfected after each customer.

Employees handling deliveries wear PPE to receive parcels, mail, and other deliveries.

Personal packages should not be delivered to campus.

Food deliveries are not accepted

Teleworking is to remain the norm for the majority of staff in line with government regulations/advice and to ensure low campus density. Only those who need to be on site to carry out their work should go to campus. We will continue to keep our faculty and staff informed as the situation develops.





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