MBA Student Profiles

Hicham Aber

Nationality: Moroccan 
Previous Education: Master, Economic evaluation of Mining Project, MINES ParisTech
Previous Employment: Corporate Mining Engineer at Imerys

At INSEAD, I feel challenged on a daily basis.

There are so many MBA programmes in the market, why did you choose INSEAD? 
From 2009 to 2010, I was getting a Master degree and living in Fontainebleau. During that time, I played football regularly with INSEAD students and as a result, I visited the INSEAD campus many times. With each interaction with the school and the students, I became more and more amazed by the diversity at the campus and as a result, it became my dream to enroll in an MBA at INSEAD. 
Has the programme met your expectations so far?
The INSEAD MBA has surpassed my expectations. My goals were to make new discoveries, expand my network while having fun, and so far, I have experienced all of this and more. At INSEAD, I feel challenged on a daily basis. I have the opportunity to access many networks - especially access to the alumni and lastly, I love being surrounded by funny people who appreciate every moment of their life.
Will you be doing a campus exchange? 
I am currently on the waitlist for a campus exchange with the Abu Dhabi campus. I have never lived in the Middle East, which is why I think this will be a great opportunity for me to experience life there.  I find it so amazing that at INSEAD you can "hand craft" the curriculum in any way you want. For example, I know people who are doing three exchanges in one year. You can choose to study in France, Dubai, USA and Singapore. The options are limitless. 
What has been one of your “favourite” modules so far, and why? 

My favourite class so far has been Organisational Behaviour. I got to understand myself better as well as understand how organisations behave. Furthermore, before I started the programme, I was clueless when it came to accounting, but now I can read and understand financial statements!

How has the Career Development Centre helped you? 

The CDC helped me create a clear strategy of how to look for a job, how to decide on the industry/sector, and figure out the type of role that would best suit me. One-to-one sessions with a dedicated coach helps you analyse your career goals and helps you align them with your job hunt. In addition, the CDC offers fantastic sector briefing sessions where you can get an exhaustive idea of roles and opportunities within an industry or sector.

What advice would you give potential prospects who are interested in the INSEAD MBA? 

I would tell them to go for it. There is no doubt in my mind that it will be an amazing experience and one of the best years of your life. You will be challenged in everything you do but you will learn a lot and come to understand yourself better, as well as understand how people interact better.






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