MBA Student Profiles

Noelle Homsy

Nationality: Lebanese
Job Before INSEAD: Founder, Fix My Resume ME 

My career coach gave me solid support by keeping me on track of my career plan, networking efforts and job applications.

Share with us your educational and professional background prior to joining INSEAD!

I have a diverse educational background including a degree in Architecture, a Masters in Engineering Management, and various law and dispute resolution trainings. Before coming to INSEAD, I was working in the Claims and Contracts Management of real estate projects, based out of Beirut and covering the MENA region. I have also set up an online startup called “Fix My Résumé” that offers targeted résumé writing and upgrade services in the Middle East. 

Why did you choose the INSEAD MBA amongst all MBAs available out there?

I believe that in this highly competitive and evolving world, an MBA has become essential for driving change in the right direction. With my technical background, I felt I needed an MBA to make a shift to management and make the change I wanted. INSEAD was the only business school I applied for, because it was the only one that fit all my criteria: a top 1-year programme that offered exceptional academics, exposure to diversity, access to a powerful network, and travel experiences of a lifetime. 

Has INSEAD met your expectations?

INSEAD has exceeded my expectations. I had heard about the incredible diversity of the cohort, the benefits of having more than one campus, the power of the networks and the richness of the academic programme, but actually experiencing INSEAD was nothing close to hearing about it. I still remember what an INSEAD alumni told me when I first got admitted: “it is an experience that I can’t explain in words, you will have to live it to understand…”, and now I do. 

Share with us your class experiences!

Classes are very well thought through, and professors put huge efforts into making their sessions stimulating for students. I was impressed by how up-to-date the articles and cases professors used were. And most importantly I was impressed by the insightful views shared by my colleagues during class discussions. 

What is your favourite module thus far?

My favourite module was the statistics class in P1. I would have never chosen statistics had it been an elective, and I’m so glad that it was a core course that I was forced to take. The subject was taught in a very innovative way, proving theories with class exercises and simulations. You can be surprised how a conceptually boring subject can be re-shuffled to become the most interesting course I’ve had so far. 

What are your plans after the MBA?

I came to INSEAD with a plan of what I wanted to do afterwards. However, the courses, the Career Development Center seminars and the on-campus recruitment presentations opened me up to so many new opportunities. It now seems that my options are infinite, and I am still trying to narrow them down. 

How has the Career Development Centre helped you?

In P1, the CDC guided us to discover ourselves through a series of tests and exercises. My career coach gave me solid support by keeping me on track of my career plan, networking efforts and job applications. Also, on-campus recruitment administered by the CDC was how I got my summer internship. 

What advice would you give potential prospects who are interested in the INSEAD MBA?

The application process is long but do not give up! Every minute you spend writing those essays or getting your recommendations is worth it. Be yourself during the interviews and enjoy them, INSEAD alumni can lead you to very interesting discussions. Also, get in touch with INSEAD alumni in your network, they are very responsive and very helpful in giving you tips and insights about what to expect. 






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