MBA Student Profiles

Daniela Mordetzki

Nationality: Uruguayan / Israeli / Polish
Job Before INSEAD: Management Consultant at AVIV AMCG

My amazing study group was composed of members from 10 different nationalities and we collectively spoke twelve languages! 

Why made you decide to do an MBA?

The decision to pursue an MBA had been at the back of my mind for several years. Three distinct reasons pushed me to finally take the plunge. The first was academics. Although I was learning a lot from my mentors and co-workers, I felt there was so much more that I needed to know about business and people management. I felt that I would only be able to fill these gaps in a classroom setting, plus I missed being back at school and widening my horizons.

The second was for the relationships. The network is an important at INSEAD, and while that’s undoubtedly one of the pillars of the INSEAD experience, I was also looking for new friendships. There’s a strong bond that ties INSEAD students together, and I longed to be a part of that experience. The last was the desire to see more of the world. Like many people at INSEAD, I come from a multi-national background and had been living away from my home country, and I was ready to feel uncomfortable again. I knew that opportunities post-INSEAD would open up a whole new world for me.

Why did you choose the INSEAD MBA?

I knew INSEAD was the place for me after my very first interactions with students, alumni and the INSEAD team. There was a distinct energy that I knew was the right fit and after that, everything came into place – the academic excellence, the diversity of the student body, the benefits of a one-year program, and the alignment with my career objectives. Now that I’m here, I can’t imagine having chosen anywhere else.

What were some fears or concerns you had before you joined INSEAD? How have they been addressed? 
INSEAD can be intimidating, perhaps even more so after being admitted. My future classmates were unbelievably accomplished, brilliant and entrepreneurial. It seemed like everyone spoke seven languages and spent their free time skydiving. It’s both inspiring and daunting, no matter who you are. And in truth, my classmates really are that impressive, but it’s easy to get lost in the stories and wonder where you’ll fit in.
My experience at INSEAD has been that there’s a place for everyone – there are introverts and extroverts, singles and people with families, big parties and intimate group dinners. The mix is much more varied than I expected, and there’s really no time to be someone you’re not. In the end, we’re all here to push ourselves out of our comfort zones, whatever that may be, and there are INSEAD students on both sides of the circle to help us cross over.
INSEAD is known for its diversity - tell us more about this diverse environment!  
It’s true that diversity at INSEAD is everywhere – tightly linked to academics, in the way INSEAD approaches leadership, entrepreneurship and more. What was more surprising to me was not the 70 plus nationalities in my class, which I expected, but the similarities between us. Many of us feel more at home at INSEAD than in our home countries. We are proud to represent our nationalities while also knowing that we are different, building bridges for others to better understand our cultures. It is curious how easy it is to connect with people who seem so different but who’ve always felt the same way about where they belong. In this context, our personal and professional experiences shine in a different light, and it’s fascinating to learn about each other’s lives with a shared understanding. The rest is just plain fun – my amazing study group was composed of members from 10 different nationalities and we collectively spoke twelve languages! 
What are your plans after the MBA?

I am planning to remain in Europe and join an international consulting firm, and building on my previous experience as a consultant and expanding the scope of my influence. The business landscape is changing dramatically in so many sectors, and it’s an exciting time to get involved and help reshape the way companies work. I believe that the best consulting firms will be the ones who excel at developing innovative solutions to meet dynamic and evolving client demands, and I’m very much looking forward to the challenge.

Any advice to potential prospects who are considering the INSEAD MBA?

Don’t overthink it. The admissions process can seem overwhelming, and it’s definitely challenging, but don’t be afraid to persevere. Speak to as many students and alumni as you can, and take the process seriously – this is just the beginning of the road. After essays, will come cover letters and interviews, each more difficult than the last, but you will get better with practice and it’s a cause worth fighting for. 







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