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An INSEAD MBA yields a lifetime of dividends, both professionally and personally. Pursuing an MBA however, is a serious commitment of time and money—an investment that needs to be carefully considered and planned for by applicants.

To understand the financial obligations that are required for you to attend the INSEAD MBA Programme, check our MBA Cost & Fees section. It is important to consider your financing and funding options early on during the application process, which could be in the form of savings, loans or scholarships. You can begin by seeing if you are eligible to apply for any of the scholarships or loans that are listed on our website. 

Though the responsibility of funding your year at INSEAD ultimately lies with you, the MBA Financial Aid Office can assist you in planning your financing for the INSEAD MBA programme.

MBA Scholarships and Financing

Our goal at INSEAD is to recruit the best and brightest to join our school — regardless of background or financial situation. If it’s always been your dream to attend our top-ranked MBA programme, we’re here to help.

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Cost & Fees

Tuition fees for the July Class are set in December each year. Fees for the December Class are announced in June.

Tuition fees for the August 2022 intake are €91,225. The fees for the January 2023 intake are €92,575. The fees are payable by instalments.

Tuition fees cover all printed course materials, access to the INSEAD library, access to on-campus information technology services, language tuition and testing*, student council fees, gym access, business cards, printing and health insurance.

*Only Exit language courses and tests are included in your tuition fees. Please refer to our Language Policy within our Admissions Policies to see which language courses and tests are provided by our language provider, FL&C.

Related Expenditures

Business foundations programme (optional): €2,000

Download our Brochure to learn more on Tuition Fees >

Fee Payment Schedule

Fee payment schedule for self-funded participants:


Due Date

July Class of 2023

December Class of 2023

1Approximately 4 weeks after having received the admissions offer, you will be required to pay a non-refundable first tuition instalment€11,000€11,000

July Class:
25 July each year

December Class:
25 November each year


July Class:
15 January each year

December Class:
15 April each year


Fee payment schedule for company-sponsored participants:


Due Date

July Class of 2023

December Class of 2023

1After the admissions offer, the company will be required to pay a non-refundable first tuition instalment€11,000€11,000

July Class:
25 July each year

December Class:
25 November each year

Download the Scholarship Handbook to view all scholarships >

Estimated living expenses during the MBA programme

Rent and other living expenses vary considerably depending on the participant’s family situation, lifestyle choices and financial means.

A survey of INSEAD students shows that a single participant can expect to incur the following basic expenses during the ten-month programme. If you are coming with a partner, increase your budget by approximately 30%.




(includes utilities and charges)
Car Lease**€3,900not applicable

Field Trips***


Local Transport^

(i.e. relocation expenses, excluding leisure)



Travel for Exchange and Job Search

Total Average Expense
€28,710 – with car lease
€24,810 – without car lease

*Students rent apartments, studios or share houses in Fontainebleau. There are various housing options available in Singapore such as government housing (HDB), condominiums and landed property.

**In Singapore, most MBA participants use public transport. Students staying in the surrounding area of Fontainebleau may buy or lease a car. Students living in Fontainebleau use bicycles, buses or walk.

***Expenses related to a field trip will vary depending on the airfare, meals, accommodation and associated expenses.  

^ In Fontainebleau, a monthly transportation pass (Navigo) is €65.20. Campus is within walking distance from the town centre.In Singapore, one can buy the transportation pass (EZ-link) for €8 and top it up depending on the travel needs. It can be used for buses and the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) which are the primary transport modes in Singapore. Taxis and other ride hailing apps such as Grab are also conveniently available and affordable.

 ^^Both campuses offer the possibility for an inexpensive meal at the cafeteria.

Funding Options


Discover the MBA Programme


Download our brochure for more information on our MBA.

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Candidates in the first three rounds will apply for financial aid at interview stage. Round 3 candidates can apply for the Diversity Scholarship Group and Louis Franck Scholarships. If scholarships are a priority to you, you should apply within the first two rounds. Round 4 candidates will not have access to scholarship applications. However, funds will be reserved to offer a number of merit scholarship awards upon admission. Awards will be based on the quality of the admission application.

Successful candidates generally receive only one award. 

Several global funding schemes are available for MBA admits:  Lendwise, Brain Capital, MPower Financing, Prodigy Finance, Juno, StepEx and Edbridg. For more details, visit our Global INSEAD Loans section.

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