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EMBA Programme


Tsinghua-INSEAD Dual Degree


Tsinghua-INSEAD Dual Degree  (TIEMBA)

Ranked as one of the top EMBA programmes in the world by the Financial Times, the Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA is a unique programme designed by INSEAD and China’s prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing. The TIEMBA combines INSEAD’s global presence and Tsinghua’s in-depth expertise of business in China, with lessons that can also be applied to other emerging markets. Graduates from this programme will become members of two of the most powerful alumni networks of the world.

For more detailed information on the TIEMBA programme, and to access the TIEMBA application form, please visit the official TIEMBA website.

Apply to TIEMBA            TIEMBA Official Website 

TIEMBA 2024 Class Profile

Average Years of Experience
Average Age



Programme Overview

22 months
Duration of Programme
60 days
Approx. Days Out of the Office
4  countries 
China, France, Singapore, UAE



Duration, Campus

 Core Courses
  • Sep 2023
  • Oct 2023
  • Nov 2023
  • Jan 2024
  • Feb 2024
  • Apr 2024
  • May 2024
  • 8 days, China
  • 6 days, China
  • 9 days, Singapore
  • 8 days, UAE
  • 8 days, China
  • 5 days, China
  • 9 days, Singapore
 Elective Courses
  •  Jul 2024
  • 12 days, France*
  • Oct 2024
  • Dec 2024
  • Feb 2025
  • 8 days, China 
  • 7 days, China
  • 5 days, Singapore
 Thesis Defence
  • May 2025
  •  China
  • July 2025
  • China

*Programme schedule is subject to change. During the electives modules, TIEMBA participants will have the chance to meet and network with participants of the other GEMBA sections at INSEAD.

Admissions Deadlines


Round 1

3 July 2023

Round 2

11 September 2023

Round 3

4 December 2023

Round 4

4 March 2024

Round 5

15 April 2024

TIEMBA Scholarships


Tsinghua and INSEAD offer merit and need-based scholarships to offset tuition fees for TIEMBA candidates whose profiles will help further the programme's objectives as a vehicle for promoting international leadership and business practice.

You can only apply for scholarships once you have been selected for admission interviews.

For all TIEMBA scholarships we require applicants to provide accurate details about their financial situation. Please make sure to complete financial details in the scholarship application form.

If for some reason you do not join the original TIEMBA class for which you have been admitted and you start your TIEMBA with a different class, your scholarship application(s) will not be transferred automatically. You will have to re-apply for scholarships offered to that class and compete against the new cohort.

We will accept applications for several scholarships.

Total amount of financial aid received by a participant generally does not exceed 25% of tuition. Scholarships are granted under various criteria detailed below. 

Scholarships will be awarded by a Committee composed of INSEAD and Tsinghua Faculty and Admission Staff. No appeal process is offered.

The award is equally deducted from the Tsinghua and INSEAD second instalment of tuition fees.

Please email the completed scholarship application form(s) to the Scholarship Committee at [email protected]


You can submit your application(s) up to one week before the start of the programme. Application(s) will be reviewed within 2 weeks. Awards are limited, we strongly encourage early applications.

TIEMBA Scholarship List & Criteria


China has opened its markets to the world, encouraging multinationals to increase their investment in East Asia. Local players are seeing increased domestic opportunity, as well as gateways to expanding heir business abroad.

We are on the cusp of a period where China is becoming a leader of world markets and a major player in investment globally. This is your chance to be at the cutting edge of the next stage of global business.

Learn more on the Partnership >

The joint programme is a combination of both schools' strengths. It is specifically designed for leaders in or doing business with the Asia-Pacific region, which is reflected in the programme's content and the networking opportunities made available to participants. 

The INSEAD EMBA will continue to be a global programme based at each of INSEAD's campuses, while Tsinghua's own EMBA programme is based in China. Participants in each of these three EMBA programmes (Tsinghua, INSEAD, or TIEMBA) will have the opportunity to convene both on campus and through the two schools' activities. This also reflects both schools' commitment to diversity, not only in terms of culture, but also in terms of international experience and management skills. For both INSEAD and Tsinghua, the motivation for working together is based on education and strategic goals. Each will be able to benefit from shared teaching resources, research cooperation, case writing, student exchanges, and new market penetration.

Learn more about the differences between the GEMBA and TIEMBA programmes. 

No. English is the language of instruction throughout the programme. On campus, you will hear plenty of languages spoken but in the classroom, all will be delivered and discussed in English. Other than English, there are no language requirements.

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