Angela Matthes


Nationality: Swiss

Year Graduated: 2015 

Current Role: CEO of Baloise Life (Liechtenstein) AG

This programme doesn't just teach you how to consult and coach for change, it changes you along the way.



What was your career story before the programme?

A few years ago I stood at a crossroad. I was looking back at a 30-year career with the same company and was the CEO of one of its business units. But I had also come to a point in my personal life, where I needed to confront my employer with the fact that I am transgendered. Although I love to lead and I love people, there was a chance that my honesty could lose me my career. That’s why I started to look for a programme to complement my existing skills of leadership and economics, and to help me become a consultant and coach for leaders – independently and internationally.

Why did you choose the EMCCC programme at INSEAD?

Through my company’s leadership programmes, I got to know many consultants and coaches, and I got in touch with some of them to find out how and where they had learned their skills. One was a graduate of the EMCCC and, after talking to her twice for several hours, I knew exactly where I wanted to go.

Did the programme meet your expectations?

The programme surprised me even before it started. The application process in itself was a journey of self-discovery. And that was only the beginning. What makes this programme stand out is that it doesn't just teach you how to consult and coach for change, it changes you along the way.

Was there any particular module that has made the greatest impact on you?

It’s difficult to choose one. The programme is so well-crafted that no single module would work without the others. For my personal journey, it was probably the first three modules about “Self” and “Self with Others” that had the greatest impact. But for my development as a leader and coach, it was the programme in its entirety that impacted on how I work and interact with the people around me.

How has the EMCCC changed your perspectives/outlook towards life?

Today, I am happy to bring my skills to the “heart of the business” by setting an example of leading with hope, humanity, humility and humour. And I have started to share what I do and what I believe with other leaders in my organisation who want to know why our little business unit stands out in employee engagement surveys.

How different is the EMCCC compared to other Masters programmes out there?

Of all the programmes I have looked at, I believe the EMCCC is the least afraid, or rather, has the most courage to go below the surface with all participants. It is not just a learning programme but a transformational experience.

What advice would you give to potential EMCC participants?

Be yourself. Be vulnerable. Embrace change!


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