Masako Ikehara


Nationality: Japanese

Year Graduated: 2017

Current Role: CEO of MANABICIA Co.,Ltd & Professional coach

Before starting EMCCC I had never thought of starting a company, but thanks to this programme, I gained confidence and found a vision for my life.


What made you decide to take on the EMCCC programme at INSEAD?

I was interested in how people’s minds can change, and how the maturity of a leader’s thinking can influence an organisation. I have learnt about coaching in Japan, but the focus then was on “techniques for questioning when coaching”, without systematically teaching the theories relative to the changes in people’s minds; I was not satisfied. I decided to enrol in the EMCCC because it not only studies the theory of changes in people’s minds in organisations and in the society, there also is a focus on practical implementation of these concepts.

Has the programme met or exceeded your expectations?

It was much better than I expected. The content of the lectures was excellent, and being able to meet and discuss with classmates from all over the world was an invaluable experience for me.

Do share with us your thoughts on the curriculum.

It is a carefully crafted curriculum. It helps to understand, in a mannerly order, the changes of the individual, the group, the organisation, and society.

How has the EMCCC changed your perspectives or outlook towards life?

Three things have changed after enrolling in EMCCC: The first thing is that I stopped being judgmental of others and myself. This increased my self-affirmation and made me value myself more. It also helped me value friends and family better.

The second thing is that it made me more introspective. By creating a habit of looking back at my own actions, I gained a comprehensive perspective on life. I am also able to learn from my own failures.

The third change was starting my own business. Before starting EMCCC I had never thought of starting a company, but thanks to this programme, I gained confidence and found a vision for my life. This is why I decided to leave my organisation to start my company. This is the biggest change in my life.

How has your career panned out after EMCCC?

I enrolled in EMCCC while working for a consulting firm. Before graduating from the programme, I started a business in Tokyo, Japan, as a representative of MANABICIA CO.,Ltd. which operates organisational development through coaching and executive coaching. The organisation also aims to increase the participation of women in society with an office offering career support for working mothers. We also host lectures and training sessions both in Japan and overseas, while also actively publishing written works.

How different is the EMCCC as compared to other Masters programmes out there?

As far as I know, this Masters programme is completely unique in its genre. I believe it is top-class in terms of alumni diversity, quality of its curriculum, and the level of the professors, in regard to the courses where one learns about coaching, revolutionising organisations, and leadership.

What is one most significant lesson you got out of the programme?

I learnt that taking the first step is the most important thing in changing one’s life. By mustering the courage to enrol, I was able to change my life. Had I waited for perfection before taking action, I would not be where I am today.

What was one thing that surprised you during the programme?

I was surprised by how there was a thriving interaction not only with classmates but also with alumni for other courses. The alumni organisation in Japan is also active, making it possible to meet many new people. It is wonderful how the alumni’s way of thinking is that of always trying to support each other regardless of their course.

What advice would you give to potential EMCC participants?

For those of you who want to change their lives, do enrol in EMCCC.

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