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Eikon Broker Research 


In the Research & Learning Hubs

Company and industry reports from over 500 investment banks, brokerage firms.

Refinitiv's Eikon platform (formerly Thomson One/Thomson Research) gives access to Eikon Broker Research​ (via desktop app) as well as  Datastream (via desktop Excel).

Access Eikon in the Doriot Research & learning Hub using PC11 & PC12. In the Tanoto Research & Learning Hub, use the PC in the Bloomberg/Eikon room.
Within Eikon, use the ADVRES command to screen for broker research. 


Professors and research staff only :
You can request a 1-month remote login, but please note that the number of logins is very limited.
Once you have a login, use Eikon web to access Eikon Broker Research remotely. 
Contact us for further information.

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