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Part-Time Researcher Positions for STRATEGY Area


Department: Faculty & Research
Location: Asia Campus
Status: Manager
Contract: Temporary - Part Time
Contact: Cindy Chew at
Ref: F&R2019_Sg_2

Posted on: 03 December 2019
Deadline: 31 December 2019

Job Description

The Strategy area at INSEAD is seeking one or two part-time Research Associate(s) for our campus in Singapore. The candidate should be a recent university or master’s graduate, preferably in Economics, Computer Science, Statistics or a similar, quantitative program. The candidate will work closely with INSEAD faculty on ongoing research projects, in a highly vibrant and intellectually engaging environment. The candidate will also have an opportunity to interact with other pre-doc candidates/RAs from other areas and attend a number of workshops/seminars (on audit basis). Candidates who intend to apply to leading PhD programs in Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Management or related fields in the future will find this experience especially fruitful and rewarding. Our recent pre-doc researchers have been admitted to PhDs at Stanford, Kellogg School of Management, INSEAD, London School of Economics, among others. 


The Research Associate will work with and assist professors to successfully initiate and conduct research projects. Specifically, the work tasks may include, but are not limited to, the following: 

Processing and analyzing (big) data, which may include:

  • Working with cloud computing platforms to store and access large databases
  • Cleaning, summarizing and visualizing large datasets
  • Using machine learning methods to create new variables and examine relationships among them
  • Performing regression analyses on large datasets

Assisting with literature reviews and preparing research presentation material (e.g. creating professional graphs and diagrams)
Regularly updating and communicating with professors about ongoing projects; brainstorming about new methods and new projects

Experience with these tasks is preferred but not required. The successful candidate must have an open mind and an eagerness to learn. Training for many tasks will be provided, but the RA will also need to learn new skills independently.

We offer part-time positons for six months, with a possibility of renewal after evaluation at the end of the contract. 


Bachelor's or Master’s degree. Degrees in economics, computer science, business, statistics, mathematics, or engineering are preferred.
Excellent academic record.
Strong work ethic and ability to work independently.
Fluency in oral and written English.

  • Experience with analyzing large datasets/big data
  • Proficient use of software packages such as Python and/or R, and experience with or willingness to learn Stata.
  • Preferred: Previous research experience
  • Preferred: Programming skills


To apply, please submit a CV and a cover letter describing your research experience, motivation and skills to . Please also add a writing sample (empirical research paper preferred) and your academic grade transcript. You should also provide the names and contact details of two potential referees. Please use “Part-Time Researcher Position for STRATEGY Area” as your email subject. We will review applications as they arrive and until the position is filled. We will disregard the applications submitted using other platforms (Glassdoor, Indeed, etc). 


The personal data (CV, motivation letter, etc.) you communicate to INSEAD will be registered and stored in our database. They will be treated as confidential information and we will not communicate them to third parties under any condition. We will keep your personal data for a period of 1 year in order to be reviewed in case a new opportunity arises within INSEAD. Your data will be deleted after this period. 

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