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Beyond Disruption - INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute

Innovation doesn't have to be disruptive

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Disruption dominates innovation theory and practice. But disruption, for all its power, is destructive—displacing jobs, companies, and even entire industries.

Are we missing an alternative approach to innovation and growth?

With three decades of research, the #1 global bestselling authors of Blue Ocean Strategy, W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, reveal another way to innovate and grow. Just as Blue Ocean Strategy redefined the essence of strategy as creating not competing, Beyond Disruption redefines and expands the existing view of innovation by introducing a new approach, nondisruptive creation, that is free from the destructive displacement that happens when innovators set out to disrupt.

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Nondisruptive creation is not superior to disruption. It is its complement

W. Chan Kim and Rénée Mauborgne

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