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  • December 2017

Best International Business School 2017

INSEAD has the best international MBA programme in the world according to Bloomberg Businessweek’s Best International Business Schools 2017 ranking.

Find out more about the ranking.

Learn more about our MBA programme.


  • November 2017

#1 in Asia & Europe

QS has ranked the INSEAD MBA programme first in Asia and Europe and second globally in the first edition of its Global MBA Ranking. Based on factors including Entrepreneurship and Alumni Outcomes, Return on Investment and Diversity of the school, the ranking adds to the list of recent high accolades out MBA programme has received.

Learn about the rankings more detail.

Lessons From Nokia's Decline

Going from a company at the forefront of the mobile phone revolution with united and energetic leadership to total collapse from within, Nokia was a victim of its own success. Its lessons are many – learn more in Professor Yves Doz’s INSEAD Knowledge Article.

Re-Imagine Asia

Our signature annual event for INSEAD alumni in Asia took place 17-18 November in Hong Kong, China. With the theme “Re-Imagine Asia: The New Digital Frontier” attendees were invited to consider new potentials in Asia, guided by the critical insights of influential speakers.

To find out more about the event and its extensive social and networking programme, visit the Alumni Forum Asia webpage.

Corporate Hierarchies Have Too Many Layers

Professor Phanish Puranam and a team of researchers surveyed a diverse array of senior professionals about corporate hierarchy and found that less ‘power distance’ between a structure’s top and bottom is preferred. Professor Puranam explains the research and what can be drawn from it in this INSEAD Knowledge Article.

  • October 2017

Blue Ocean Shift

Released 26 September and already a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller, Blue Ocean Shift is Professors W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne’s follow-up to their 3.6 million copy international bestselling Blue Ocean Strategy. It explains how to change not just a strategy from red ocean to blue, but a mindset and a culture.

Find out what it takes to Shift from competing to creating with INSEAD Knowledge.

Read our exclusive Salamander Alumni Magazine interview here. 

Order Blue Ocean Shift here. 

INSEAD 欧洲工商管理学院

Paying tribute to our success and history as a global business school with a rich European legacy, we are pleased to announce the reinstatement of our historical name in Chinese – displayed as “INSEAD 欧洲工商管理学院” (literally “INSEAD European Institute of Business Administration”).
This name supports our growth in Greater China and other markets in Asia.

Middle East Campus Move

This September our Middle East Campus in Abu Dhabi moved to a new location in the recently established international financial centre on Al Maryah Island, ADGM Square. This new location offers a significant improvement in the quality of our facilities and in the experiences we can provide to students and Executive Education participants in the Middle East.

The campus will host INSEAD’s third full residential period and this year's Global Business Leaders Conference this October. 

Learn more about our Middle East Campus in Abu Dhabi here.

  • September 2017

Celebrating 50 Years of Women at INSEAD

Global INSEAD Day, 12 September, marks the launch of a celebration that will last the entire 2017-2018 academic year: iW50, marking 50 years of female students at INSEAD. We are proud to have been a business school at the forefront of welcoming female professionals; our ambition is to celebrate this history, establish a foundation that will continue our legacy of supporting and sustaining the professional achievements of women, and help harness their talent for global good.

Learn more about iW50.

Discover Limitless, a celebration of women who have pushed beyond their own limits and conquer obstacles in their lives. 

whyINSEAD in Paris

Many attendees of the recent Alumni Forum Europe –held at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris– had their portraits taken for whyINSEAD worldwide, a collaborative project that invites INSEAD students, participants, alumni, faculty and staff to answer the question “Why INSEAD?” This month sees a set of alumni portraits from this shoot being added to collection. 
Check out the website to find out more about our vibrant community!

Summer @ INSEAD

Now in its third year, the Summer@INSEAD programme this August welcomed 80 high school students to our Europe Campus for an exciting foundational programme in global business, with some cultural stops along the way. The programme is taught by our faculty and covers basics from Business and Societal Progress to Decision Making, as well as a more hands-on introduction to entrepreneurship in Your First 100 Days, an adapted MBA capstone course. In addition to more touristy activities, the teenagers were also treated to visits of the Google, Facebook and BlaBlaCar offices in Paris.

Read about their experiences first-hand on the Summer@INSEAD blog.

Why “Believe in Yourself” Is Bad Advice for Women

What accounts for the size and stubbornness of the gender gap in leadership? Some have attributed it to women’s lack of self-confidence. But a recent study from Natalia Karelaia, INSEAD Associate Professor of Decision Sciences, finds that in traditionally masculine industries, self-confident women gain organisational influence only when they exhibit stereotypically “feminine”, nurturing behaviours as well.

Read the Knowledge article here.

Strategic Change Is All in the Timing

Quy Huy, INSEAD Professor of Strategic Management, argues that the success of strategic change often depends on leaders’ ability to juggle varying conceptions of time. In addition to “clock time”, leaders must manage employees’ “subjective time”, i.e. the sense of continuity between past and present that makes change emotionally bearable. Even the legendary change-maker Jack Welch struggled with this, Professor Quy writes.

Read the Knowledge article here.

  • July 2017


On 5 and 6 July, our MBA Class of July 2017 graduated from INSEAD. The ceremony took place at the elegant Château de Fontainebleau, INSEAD's original home. The class –who began their studies in September 2016– represented 73 nationalities, with many having split their 10 months between our Europe, Middle East and Asia campuses.

See the graduation photo gallery here.​

Discover INSEAD’s General Management Programmes

Since 1967, INSEAD has led the way in delivering innovative and influential learning experiences for business executives around the world. Each year, more than 10,000 executives from leading international organisations attend our open programmes.

INSEAD’s General Management programmes help executives gain the confidence to make the decisions needed to succeed, expand their thinking and learn what it takes to become an exceptional business leader.

Learn more about the programmes.

Alumni Forum Europe 2017

Moved to a larger location due to popular demand, this year’s Alumni Forum Europe was hosted by the French National Alumni Association in Paris. Based on the topic “Digital Transformation: A Force for Good?”, the conference featured panel discussions and lectures on the business impact of current and emerging technological trends.

See the Forum photo gallery. 

New Award for Entrepreneurial Alumni

Entrepreneurship is a subject dear to the INSEAD community, with over 50 percent of our alumni engaging in entrepreneurial activities during their lifetime. In acknowledgement of this, the INSEAD Alumni Association recently launched the annual INSEAD Alumni Global Entrepreneurship Award to recognise outstanding and entrepreneurial alumni for their positive impact on business and society.

The inaugural recipient was Robert Keane, MBA’94, Founder and CEO of Cimpress – a world-leader in providing small businesses with everything they need to market their business.

To learn more about Robert Keane and the Award, click here.

Renewed Mandate for INSEAD’s Dean

Dean Mihov’s first term has been a transformational time in INSEAD’s history. The school has gained awards and recognition for its academic excellence and has seen growth in areas as diverse as campus expansion, MBA applications, innovation in teaching, and investments in the school. His renewed mandate promises a bold and exciting future for INSEAD as the business school for the world.

Find out more about the Dean’s reappointment.

Global Innovation Index 2017

For the past ten years, the Global Innovation Index (GII) has surveyed some 130 economies using dozens of metrics, from patent filings to institutional support for entrepreneurship, ranking countries’ innovation capabilities and results. Co-published by INSEAD, Cornell University and the World Intellectual Property Organisation, the GII is now a leading benchmarking tool for business executives, policy makers and others seeking insight into the state of innovation around the world.

Find out who topped the GII 2017 ranking.

  • June 2017

Navigating Cultural Differences 

Nirmalya Kumar, Distinguished Fellow at INSEAD’s Emerging Markets Institute, describes how to foster cohesion within culturally diverse teams. Team leaders should suspend judgment and embrace profound cultural differences, Kumar says. Letting go of mono-cultural expectations requires an exceptionally curious and flexible point of view. He offers four considerations to help attain the right mindset. Read the Knowledge article here.

Belief Increases Buzz

According to a recent INSEAD-Sorbonne University Behavioural Lab study, people feel more intoxicated, daring and sexually confident when told they are drinking an alcohol and energy drink cocktail. This effect can be attributed to energy drinks’ marketing; according to Professor Pierre Chandon, “beliefs that people have about a product can be just as important as the ingredients of the product itself.”

Learn more about the study in this INSEAD Knowledge article.

Gender and Connections on Wall Street

Women on Wall Street are just as connected as men, but their connections aren’t as helpful to their careers as they are for their male counterparts. In fact, men are perceived to be better analysts because of their connections. INSEAD Associate Professor of Finance, Lily Fang, presents these findings in her paper, "Gender and Connections among Wall Street Analysts", forthcoming in the Review of Financial Studies

The World’s Most Powerful Languages

Polyglots enjoy more opportunities in the global marketplace, simply because they can participate in more conversations. But learning a new language as an adult is no easy task. Which to choose? A new index from Kai L. Chan, Distinguished Fellow at INSEAD’s Innovation & Policy Initiative, ranks 124 languages by global influence. Chan also predicts that in the years to come, certain languages will rise in influence as others fall. Read the Knowledge article here.

whyINSEAD worldwide

whyINSEAD is a multi-platform project that highlights and engages our exceptional and diverse INSEAD community. Faculty, participants, alumni and staff from almost every corner of the globe answer the question: What does INSEAD mean to you?


  • May 2017

Annual Report 2016

In Annual Report 2016, we present not only the finances of the school, but chronicle the highlights of this exciting year in INSEAD’s history.

When we look back, 2016 will most likely be remembered at INSEAD as “a year of firsts.” From a “triple first” in the Financial Times rankings to the grandeur of graduation at Château de Fontainebleau, this year INSEAD brimmed with inspiration, innovation and new digital ways to capture it all.
View Annual Report 2016 here.

INSEAD Alumni Forum Americas 2017 in Montreal

On 28-29 April, the Canadian Alumni Association hosted the “INSEAD Alumni Forum Americas 2017” in Montreal. Renowned INSEAD faculty, leading entrepreneurs and business executives tackled the topic, “Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Shaping the Future of the Americas.”
Beyond the dynamic presentations, insightful panel discussions and networking opportunities, alumni also had a private viewing of the “Chagall: Colour and Music” exhibition at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal. The two-day event culminated with a glamorous 1930s-style party. 

Bold New Normal for Africa?

In a few years’ time, not being present in Africa is going to be a disadvantage for businesses in any sector – including business education.

So says Lucy Quist, MBA’05J, who, while studying at INSEAD, had the realisation that “good business has a good impact on society.” She believes that “Africa could be so much more effective in contributing to global business” and to make that happen, she is working with other alumni to raise awareness of INSEAD in Africa.

Find out more about Lucy’s vision in the Salamander Magazine.

Leading Across Borders and Cultures

In today’s business world, where teams are spread across the planet and most of our communication takes place virtually, how do we work effectively in the face of cross-cultural complexity?

An insightful presentation by Professor Erin Meyer on “Leading Across Borders and Cultures” on 17 April 2017 at the INSEAD Middle East Campus provided a field-tested model for decoding how cultural differences impact international business. She combined a sophisticated analytical framework with practical, actionable advice for succeeding in a nuanced global world.

The INSEAD-Sorbonne University Behavioural Lab

The INSEAD-Sorbonne University Behavioural Lab is a research lab that runs some of today’s most innovative studies in behavioural science. According to Professor Pierre Chandon, director of the lab, its aim is to “understand how people actually behave – not how they should behave based on economic theory.”

Recent studies at the lab have explored topics such as affective computing and artificial intelligence, creativity and cross-cultural psychology, and health, nutrition and wellbeing. Click here to find out more about the lab.

  • April 2017

Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2017 – Singapore Launch

The Global Talent Competitiveness Index is an annual benchmarking study measuring countries’ ability to compete for talent; it is designed as a practical tool for governments, businesses and non-profit organisations.
The Singapore launch event –on 18 April– provides the region a unique opportunity to debate the strategic importance of ‘brain circulation’ on a global scale, the need to provide young people with skills that match businesses’ needs, and the path Asia should follow for a bright and equitable future.

Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards 2017

This year’s Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards laureates were announced on 12 April, at a ceremony in Singapore’s Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall. Created 11 years ago by Cartier, INSEAD and McKinsey & Company, the CWIA is an international business plan competition for women social entrepreneurs. The jury selected the laureates from nearly 1,900 applicants representing 120 countries. 2017 marks the first year the ceremony was held in Singapore, home of our Asia campus.

Strengthening the INSEAD MBA

After an extensive two-year review, our faculty has approved a refreshed MBA curriculum to be rolled out in September 2017. The MBA Class of July 2018 will be the first to benefit from an improved personalised learning journey, content innovation, new electives, personal career advisors, a culminating capstone and a leading-edge digital start.

Follow these links for more information about our MBA and its programme academics.

Short Mindfulness Sessions as a Workplace Intervention

Companies that implement mindfulness meditation programmes can help employees reduce or handle stress. In this INSEAD Knowledge article, INSEAD PhD graduate Andrew Hafenbrack shares research on mindfulness in the workplace, and why some prominent businesses have created 8-15 minute-long “speed meditation” programmes for their employees.

Read the full article >


New profiles just added to whyINSEAD worldwide, a collaborative project that gives voice to our diverse participants, alumni, faculty and staff. Each month, as community members are added to the platform, we gain new insights into what makes INSEAD so unique.

  • March 2017


Two INSEAD professors have emerged as the winners of their cases’ respective categories in the Case Centre Awards 2017. Professor Horacio Falcão’s case won in the Human Resources Management/Organisational Behaviour category, while Professor David Dubois was the winner of the Marketing category. Since the inception of the Awards, INSEAD has received 14 “Overall Case Awards” and over 60 category awards – an accomplishment unsurpassed by any another educational institution. Read the INSEAD press release here.


The International Women’s Day was celebrated on our Middle East Campus in Abu Dhabi with an event titled  ‘إNSPIRE إMPACT إMPOWER’. During the seminar, Dr. Kai L. Chan, Distinguished Fellow, Innovation and Policy Initiative at INSEAD presented the Gender Progress Index that takes a holistic view towards gender issues. The conference featured several women leaders in the Middle East who have made a significant contribution to the region and society. More than 160 women attended this seminal event. 

State of (un)readiness

The second of three eBooks focused on workplace culture, technology and leadership preferences of Generations X, Y and Z, is now available. Released by INSEAD’s Emerging Markets Institute in collaboration with Universum, The HEAD Foundation and the MIT Leadership Center, their insights will help organisations to optimise work environments and policies to support this expectant workforce. Read more about the State of (Un)Readiness and the next in the series here.

WhyINSEAD Worldwide

whyINSEAD worldwide invites members of our exceptional and diverse global community to reflect on their experiences at our school. Each month, we add new whyINSEAD profiles, asking faculty, staff, participants and alumni to answer the question: What does INSEAD mean to you? View the latest whyINSEAD profiles—just uploaded this month—here


Identifying the consequences of wealth inequality on a global scale is a core goal of The James M. and Cathleen D. Stone Centre for the Study of Wealth Inequality. Under the leadership of Professor Mark Stabile, the Centre will examine this critical problem from many angles, with a view to helping businesses and governments better address it. Read more about this newly established Centre at INSEAD in a recent Salamander Alumni Magazine article.

  • February 2017


On 30 January 2017, the Financial Times awarded INSEAD’s MBA programme the top position in its Global MBA Ranking; it was the second year in a row the school was ranked #1. Members of the INSEAD community gathered together across our three global campuses to celebrate the announcement.

Photos from the celebrations on our Asia, Europe and Middle East campuses are available on Flickr.


whyINSEAD worldwide is an inclusive and collaborative project that gives voice to all that makes INSEAD unique. Each month, as we add profiles to the platform, new themes emerge while others gain more dimension. Find out directly from participants, alumni, faculty and staff what’s so compelling about our school.


Would we feel the same about Donald Trump if he were a woman or Hilary Clinton if she were a man? Would watching the US presidential candidates debates with this reversal cause people to re-examine their personal biases? For “Her Opponent,” INSEAD Professor Maria Guadalupe and collaborators re-staged excerpts of the 2016 debates with gender-inverted casting. The New York Times covered this innovative documentary theatre.

Professor Guadalupe also wrote an article about the ethnodrama for INSEAD Knowledge.

Salamander Alumni Magazine

The Salamander Alumni Magazine, published online quarterly, serves the school as well as the alumni community. The magazine profiles alumni and faculty who are making a significant difference and covers latest school news and achievements.

Find out how INSEAD strives for excellence in all that we do in the February issue of the magazine.

Salamander Challenge & INSEAD Giving Day 

A new initiative developed jointly by alumni volunteers and the school, The Salamander Challenge sees our mascots Sami and Sally (#SamiAndSally) travel the world as our global ambassadors advocating INSEAD’s beliefs in diversity, tolerance and understanding. The Challenge also reinforces the importance of investing in our school as we promote business as a force for good. It will culminate in the INSEAD Giving Day (#INSEADGivingDay) on 21 February 2017

  • January 2017


whyINSEAD is a new multi-platform project that engages, highlights and connects our exceptional and diverse INSEAD community—faculty, participants, staff and alumni from almost every corner of the globe. We tapped into this unique culture to ask: What does INSEAD mean to you?

Celebrating the Year of the Rooster

Wishing you a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year! As the tenth animal in the Chinese zodiac, the Rooster is known for its diligence, intelligence, courage and talent- much of what we value at INSEAD. Our Social Committee has lined up a series of activities on our Asia Campus, including a traditional lion dance performance to usher in good health, luck and prosperity for the year.


Our 532 new MBA students were tasked with planning and creating a new play area for children in France and a garden and improved reception for a farm restorative therapy charity in Singapore. For nearly five years, INSEAD has worked alongside UK-based Splash Projects to deliver this intensive learning experience that focuses on leadership, team dynamics and personal growth.

INSEAD Sustainability Report

INSEAD recently launched its first public Sustainability Report. Analysing key sustainability indicators for 2014–2015, the report covers the school’s core activities in research, education and outreach. Operations, including facilities on our three campuses, are also viewed through the lens of sustainability. The report is compliant with the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative


Professor Anil Gaba’s latest research finds that while giving equal weight to the collective opinion of experts presents a more robust finding than relying on the opinions of a few when forecasting, the similarity of some experts and their dependence on each other can distort the outcome. Gaba and Dana Popescu, INSEAD Professor of Operations Management, present a model that accounts for this phenomenon.
Read more in INSEAD Knowledge.

  • December 2016

Countdown to Graduation

The MBA Class of December will graduate at the glamorous Marina Bay Sands in Singapore this year on December 20. The ceremony will be live-streamed starting at 3pm (SGT) and 8am (CET). The stream and full details will be available from the graduation webpage. For those attending the ceremony or wishing to get involved, #INSEADGrad offers exciting opportunities to share memories in the making. The countdown to graduation starts now!

INSEAD Alumni – Vision 2020

Signed on 18 November, “INSEAD Alumni – Vision 2020” is the result of a strategic planning process to better understand the needs, challenges and opportunities in INSEAD’s global alumni network. The International Alumni Association (IAA) worked closely with the National Alumni Associations (NAAs) and INSEAD staff to develop this action plan that includes raising greater awareness about the importance of IAA/NAA membership and developing more services for alumni.

Dean’s Message at INSEAD Forum Asia 2016

At Dean Mihov’s recent presentation at Forum Asia, he looked to INSEAD’s founding principles of creating peace and prosperity across borders as a source of guidance in today’s increasingly uncertain times. “INSEAD has always been a values-driven school and diversity is one of the key values that we treasure,” the dean said to an alumni audience. “Together as a community, we will continue to champion diversity around the world.”  

Honouring The Janssens

Claude Janssen, one of INSEAD’s founders, and his wife Tuulikki have been among the strongest supporters of our school since its inception. As a gesture of gratitude, INSEAD commissioned a special hybrid orchid in their honour, presented to them at the Circle of Patrons Dinner in Fontainebleau last year. The “Dendrobium Claude and Tuulikki Janssen” took four years to cultivate and is now in full bloom with unique pink, purple and indigo flowers. 

When Internal Networking Undermines Innovation

Managers often assume that if they just encourage teams to engage across organisational boundaries, critical conversations will naturally occur. Research by Martin Gargiulo and Manuel Sosa shows that, in fact, the medicine prescribed to cure the silo mentality – informal communication networks – can have serious side effects when its interaction with the formal organisational structure isn’t well managed. Read more in INSEAD Knowledge.

  • November 2016


Don’t look now. Or rather, do look now, vigilantly, as navigation of forthcoming tourists might be necessary while exploring the vicinity around INSEAD’s European campus. A recent article on the cover of the Sunday New York Times Travel Section praised INSEAD’s birthplace and original home, the historic Château de Fontainebleau, as a treasure on par with the Louvre and Versailles: a treasure often overlooked by visitors to Paris and its environs.


Lucky number seven is the count of new faculty at INSEAD. Four men, three women, all exceptional pedagogues who hail from seven different countries (Korea, China, Russia, India, Finland, Germany and Latvia). Their expertise includes Accounting and Control, Finance, Technology and Operations Management, and as represented by Assistant Professor Ilze Kivleniece (pictured), Strategy. 


Digital. It’s become a leading challenge and opportunity for more and more sectors and organisations. True to our entrepreneurial heritage, INSEAD has moved enthusiastically to address this fundamental shift in business and society by launching a new family of Executive Education programmes that address today’s challenges of Digital Transformation and Innovation with both online and in-person delivery.


Which is the only school in the world to have two programmes ranked in the latest Financial Times (FT) top 5 Executive MBA list? INSEAD. The Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA (TIEMBA) scored #2, and the INSEAD Global EMBA (GEMBA) is, once again, the highest ranked single-school EMBA, racing ahead three places to #4.



8 & 9 October marked the reunions of the MBA ’71, MBA ’76, MBA ’81, MBA ‘86J&D and MBA ‘91D classes at the Europe campus. For attending alumni, the INSEAD spirit was reanimated through faculty lectures—a favorite being “The EU, Brexit and the World” by Jonathan Story, Emeritus Professor of International Political Economy (not to mention raconteur extraordinaire and gifted bass singer)—and fêtes such as a black-tie dinner and dance at the Château de Fontainebleau.

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