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Het Ondernemersbelang
The Netherlands – 7 November 2017
In Dutch
Metropoolregio Rotterdam Den Haag wordt Global Talent Hub

The Korea Times
South Korea – 22 October 2017
How Switzerland excels in competitiveness
Reprinted at: Naver

The Korea Times
Korea - 18 October 2017
Seoul urged to open up financial market

The Korea Times
South Korea – 8 October 2017
Moon needs 'balancing act' in labor policies

HRM Asia 
Singapore – 2 October 2017
HR Country Report: South Korea's graduates without a cause

China – 13 September 2017
China lags behind in global talent recruitment

Bangkok Post
Thailand – 10 July 2017
Thailand's got Talent – but doesn't develop it

UAE – 14 June 2017
Competing for Talent

US – 18 April 2017
Singapore Is Asia's Best in Attracting Talent Amid Digital Push

Channel NewsAsia  
Singapore – 18 April 2017
Singapore tops talent competitiveness index in Asia Pacific for the 4th year running

New Straits Times  
Malaysia – 18 April 2017
Quality vocational and technical skills training put M'sia high up on talent competitiveness ranking

The Jakarta Post  
Indonesia – 18 April 2017
Singapore is Asia's best in attracting talent amid digital push

The Straits Times
Singapore – 18 April 2017
Singapore top in Asia, 2nd-best globally at attracting talent: Insead

Nikkei Asian Review  
Japan – 18 April 2017
Singapore grabs No. 2 spot in global business talent ranking

Yahoo! Finance
US – 19 April 2017
Singapore is still APAC's hottest spot for global talent

US - 16 January 2017
UK must guarantee 'brain circulation' post-Brexit: Adecco CEO

France - 16 January 2017
La France peine a attirer les talents au niveau mondial
Australia - 16 January 2017
Global Talent Competitiveness Index shows Australia attracts top workers 

Switzerland - 16 January 2017
In German 
Schweiz bleibt im weltweiten Kampf um Talente top 

Jakarta Globe
Indonesia - 16 January 2017
Indonesia's Competitiveness Stales Amid Increasingly Techy Global Economy 

Emirates Business
UAE - 16 January 2017
UAE Region's First in Global Talent Competiteveness Index
France - 16 January 2017
In French 
La Suisse numéro un mondial pour attirer les talents

Telegraph UK
UK - 16 January 2017
Post-Brexit vote, UK leapfrogs Sweden and US in allure 

Luxembourg public 
Luxemburg - 16 January 2017
In English 
The Grand Duchy ranks 7th in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 

Germany - 16 January 2017
In German 
WEF 2017: Schweiz bleibt im weltweiten Wettbewerb um Talente top 

Huffington Post Greece
Greece - 16 January 2017
In Greek 

My News Desk 
Finland - 16 January 2017
In Finnish 
GTCI-tutkimuksen keskeiset tulokset 2017 

Dot Emirates
UAE - 16 January 2017
UAE region's first in global talent competitiveness index 

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