GII in the Press and Media

A selection of of international media coverage

Maeil Business Newspaper
Korea – 29 September 2017
In Korean
한국이 '글로벌 혁신' 톱10 문턱 못넘는 까닭 

Nikkei Asian Review 
Japan – 13 September 2017
Interview: Changing global order challenges Singapore's hub status

European CEO
UK – 9 August 2017
Europe will soon overtake the US as world leader for MBAs

China – 7 August 2017
Economic Watch: New concepts optimise China's economic development

Financial Express
India – 2 August 2017
International evidence suggests we understand, embrace and protect intellectual property rights

Revista Summa
Costa Rica – 31 July 2017
In Spanish
Costa Rica en los top 3 de las economias mas innovadoras de America Latina

The Horizon Tracker
UK – 27 July 2017
Switzerland remains the most innovation nation on earth

Start Up Ticker
Switzerland – 25 July 2017
Switzerland maintains first position for the 7th time

El Pais
Spain - 19 July 2017
In  Spanish
Latinoamérica: mucho talento, poca innovación

Spain - 17 July 2017
In Spanish
¿Cómo mejorar la innovación en Iberoamérica?

Korea Industry Daily (DAARA)
Korea - 18 July 2017
In Korean
Korea Ranked # 1 in Global Innovation Index (GII) 'R&D' category

RTL Nieuws
The Netherlands – 11 July 2017
In Dutch
Netherlands in top drie innovatiefste landen op voedselgebied

The Korea Herald
South Korea – 3 July 2017
Latin America has surplus of talent, shortage of innovation

Korea Times
South Korea – 30 June 2017
Samsung Electronics needs more ties for innovation

Switzerland – 30 June 2017
In German 
Das sind die 15 innovativsten Firmen der Schweiz

Yahoo! News Taiwan
Taiwan – 19 June 2017
In Chinese
全球創新排名 中國排22名 - Yahoo奇摩新聞  

Gulf Base
Saudi Arabia – 18 June 2017
In Arabic
UAE ranked 1st among arab countries and 35th worldwide in gii 2017

Oman Observer
Oman – 17 June 2017
Oman best arab nation for starting business

Business Insider Australia
Australia – 16 June 2017
Innovation nation? Australia tumbles to 23rd place in a benchmark index of global innovation

Singapore – 16 June 2017
S’pore tops Asia, slips one place to 7th in Global Innovation Index

Le Figaro
France – 15 June 2017
In French
Indice mondial de l'innovation : la France en quinzième position

Latin America – 15 June 2017
In Spanish
¿Cuáles son los países más y menos innovadores de América Latina?

The Straits Times 
Singapore – 15 June 2017
Singapore ranks 7th on Global Innovation Index, down one place from last year

USA– 15 June 22017
Here Are the 16 Most Innovative Countries in the World, Ranked

UK – 15 June 2017
Swiss still top U.N. innovation ranking but emerging markets climbing

South China Morning Post
Hong Kong – 15 June 2017
Hong Kong slips to new low in innovation rankings

Centre d'actualités de l'ONU
Switzerland – 15 June 2017
In French
Indice de l'innovation 2017 : la Suisse, la Suède, les Pays Bas, les États-Unis et le Royaume-Uni en tête du classement annuel

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