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Faculty & Research


Francesco Gatteschi

Pre-Doctoral Researcher


Additional Information
Research Areas
  • Financial Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Markets


Francesco joined INSEAD as a Researcher in September 2022. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & Management from Bocconi University and a Master’s degree in Accounting, Financial Management and Control from the same university.
Prior to joining Insead, he worked for Ernst&Young, PwC and Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank.
His specialties are in accounting, corporate finance and financial markets, where he seeks to continue gaining knowledge while improving his research tools.
Francesco perfected his research skills while researching and writing his Master’s theses on the effects of Covid-19 on the M&A Italian market in the years 2020 and 2021. Thanks to the Master’s theses experience he obtained exposure using the software Stata and R, in reviewing literature and writing.

Expertise: R (Proficient); R-Studio (Proficient); Stata (Intermediate); Literature review (Proficient)
Hobbies: Reading, Music, Comics, Basketball, Running