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The Sustainability Challenge


How companies can create shared value


Sustainability Challenge: The Sustainability Challenge is a standalone fully computerised simulation aiming to show what is at stake to build a sustainable company that creates value not only for the shareholders but for the society in general as well. The simulation requires participants to take strategic and operational decisions and to react to a wide range of events inducing them to evaluate the costs/benefits of the different actions envisaged. Participants much achieve financial value creation at the same time as minding the other sustainability factors measuredthrough a corporate social responsibility index.

Areas:  Triple bottom line value creation, Corporate Parameters of Financial, Environmental, Governance and social responsibilities

Authors:  Youssef F. Bissada, Emeritus professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise

Minimum time required: 3.5 hours

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Hoda Irani Bissada
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International corporations recognise their social, environmental and ethical responsibilities as key enablers for long term value creation. Firms are therefore more and more aware of the impact their image can have on their overall performance. This implies:

  • Satisfying different key stakeholders (shareholders, employees, customers), as well as a multitude of other stakeholders such as government(s), international organisations, social institutions, NGOs, regulatory agencies, customs, tax authorities, etc.
  • Minding the well-being of individuals and the prosperity of communities.

The Sustainability Challenge is a standalone fully computerised simulation.

It was created to increase managers awareness of company needs to create value while remaining socially responsible.

It has been designed for executives who operate in a highly competitive, international context and who need to get a comprehensive and global view of the business environments in which they are involved.

Exposing them to a wide range of international management activities as well as to selective events however in a simplified fashion helps them appreciate and deal with all the risks, problems and opportunities involved.

Pedagogical Objectives

  • Develop practical skills in handling various stakeholders, and in particular apprehend the social responsibility dimension of strategic and operational decisions.
  • Establish the relationship between value creation decisions and their social responsibility impact.
  • Build or refine financial tables, ratios and measurements understanding.
  • Realise and experience the importance of team work in effective decision making.

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