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A comprehensive simulation in international general management


The SIGMA Challenge: The SIGMA Challenge is a fully computerised competitive business simulation set in a highly competitive and international environment that requires participants to take a comprehensive and global view of the business to be successful. It allows to see and experience the linkages across strategy, finance, marketing, operations and cross-cultural team dynamics, and to experience first-hand the leadership competencies required to build a high-performing team, an essential attribute of successful companies from start-up to continuing operations.

The SIGMA Challenge core simulation boasts multiple scenarios that can also be easily extended by adding various existing additional modules so as to meet specific training needs and time constraints.

Areas: Strategy, Management of Operations, Finance, Manufacturing, Marketing.

Authors:  Youssef F. Bissada, Emeritus professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise.

Minimum time required:  2 and a half to 3 and a half days depending on the scenario selected.

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Hoda Irani Bissada
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The SIGMA Challenge is a comprehensive fully computerised and competitive business simulation in international general management covering the different aspects of international business:

  • Creating and managing an international manufacturing/marketing venture
  • Dealing with the complexities of the international product life cycle including importation, production, local and export marketing.
  • Financing the venture and ensuring the creation of value for the different parties involved.
  • Taking into account the competition and possible co-operation with other companies in the same industry.

This product enables participants to learn, understand and handle the intricacies of international and general management.

The SIGMA Challenge core simulation boasts multiple scenarios that can also be easily extended by adding various existing additional modules so as to meet specific training needs and time frames.

Pedagogical Objectives

The SIGMA Challenge has been designed for executives who operate in a highly competitive, international environment, and who need to get a comprehensive and global view of the businesses in which they are involved.  Exposing them to the whole range of international management activities will help them appreciate and deal with all the risks, problems and opportunities involved.  More specifically, they will be encouraged to :

  • Establish the relationship between strategic and operational issues so as to facilitate international business development.

  • Develop practical skills in handling various stakeholders, and in particular refine their negotiation skills with these stakeholders and with competitors.

  • Act as operators of an international concern, combining the flair and imagination of entrepreneurs with the hard-nosed behaviour and cost-consciousness of operating managers.

  • Understand financial statements and measures.

  • Work in teams and understand team dynamics .

  • Experience the levers of value creation for various stakeholders (the shareholder, the client, the community at large).

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