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A compilation of short cases or vignettes on current marketing problems raised in the trade press


Minicases in marketing: This is a compilation of short cases written by participants in INSEAD's MBA programme and has been developed to supplement longer cases, lectures and texts.

Areas: Marketing

Authors: written by participants in Insead's MBA program, beginning in April 1990 under the supervision of Philip Parker, Associate Professor of Marketing

Minimum time required:  1 day

Distribution Contact: 
Philip Parker
Tel: (33) (0)1 60 72 40 00


MINICASES IN MARKETING is a compilation of short cases, or vignettes, written by participants in INSEAD's MBA program, beginning in April 1990. The minicases are cross-references by company (over 500), industry (over 400), country or geographic region (over 75), and marketing concept (over 500 topics). The minicases have been developed to supplement longer cases, lectures, texts, and instructor experience in a concise and timely manner. Each minicase is two pages, (double-spaced) in length and based on participant experience and on current marketing problems raised in the trade press.

A guide is available which explains how to access the minicases which are distributed in computer format (MS DOS diskettes). Chapter II explains how to search across key-word fields to locate, for example, minicases addressing "distribution in Japan". Once a search has been performed, minicases can be retrieved for inspection or printed. An alternative to using this DBASE IV search routine is to refer to the hard copy indexes in the guide:

Chapter IV. Index by Company

Chapter V. Index by Industry

Chapter VI. Index by Country

Chapter VII. Index by Marketing Concept

The last chapter of the guide stipulates the rights of users to reproduce the diskettes, User's Guide or minicases in textbooks or similar media. In general, an unlimited right is granted to reproduce individual minicases provided that proper referencing and notification is given (Chapter III gives the details).


Students of marketing will find these cases useful in developing a broader understanding of marketing issues faced by a given industry, or by a company for which they may be interested in employment opportunities.

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