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A business game for the consumer goods industry 


Areas: Strategic Marketing & Sales, Manufacturer-Retailer Interaction, Negotiation Skills

Authors: Marcel Corstjens, Unilever Chaired Professor of Marketing

Minimum time required:  2.5 days (with some flexibility)

Distribution Contact: [email protected]


Mar-Pro sets up a realistic scenario based on end-of-year negotiations between two large supermarket chains and their suppliers.  Retailer and Manufacturer teams negotiate actively through repeated rounds, trying to optimise their negotiated deals.  A computer simulation allows the teams to assess the value added by their deals, both within their own ‘industry’ and also by comparing with a ‘parallel’ industry simultaneously running the same scenario (for groups over 16 in size).


  • Win-win opportunities in the context of manufacturer-retailer relationships within the  consumer goods industry 
  • Negotiations theory, analysis, skills and practice;
  • Decision making on critical issues, for both suppliers and retailers:  including brands, private label, advertising and promotion, New Product introduction, customer profitability, loyalty programs, Assortment Portfolio, Category Evaluation, Shelf Space Allocation, Pricing, Promotion, Loyalty Systems, Profit and Sales implications of all  decisions;
  • Gaining an overview of a company’s business in order to better understand how functions and decisions contribute to overall growth and profit performance.

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