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Learning, Innovation and Collaboration 2.0


Inno Tube


A Web 2.0 enhanced online community platform


Inno Tube: is a new online community platform at INSEAD that allows communities to effectively address the emerging needs of connecting people together as it serves to expose them to relevant knowledge resources in different application contexts, all via the latest Web 2.0 technologies.

Areas: Change Management, Organisational Behaviour, Technology and Innovation Management & Marketing, Collaboration Dilemmas and Dynamics

Authors: Albert A. Angehrn, Professor of Information Technology and Director of INSEAD's Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies (CALT)

Languages: English

Distribution Contact: [email protected] 
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Download Inno-Tube flyer and video presentation done by Professor Albert A. Angehrn

Emerging Needs of Connecting People

Evidence suggests that the vast majority of IT-based knowledge management networks and communities fail to thrive because they do not sufficiently take into account the emotional, psychological and social needs of individuals.

Needed today are new features which provide user value, as they help members find relevant material and support them in their social exchanges, particularly with regard to generating “connections” between people. These new features are enhanced by the latest Web 2.0 technologies and stand alongside the traditional knowledge management functionalities normally found in such systems. They give users more opportunities to engage in informal knowledge exchange with others, thus stimulating them to actively participate in sharing and building on each other’s knowledge and experience.

Inno-Tube's added values

In order to address this issue, Professor Albert A. Angehrn has developed at INSEAD an online environment which supports knowledge exchange, learning and collaboration and which can be adapted to various domains. It is based on the latest Web 2.0 trends that make extensive use of video, profiling, game dynamics, agents and network visualizations so as to capture the attention and involvement of the learning community members by generating three different types of user value: connection value, actionable learning value, as well as entertainment and instant gratification value.

Successful Deployment Contexts

Current deployments address the following contexts of use:

  • Innovation and New Product Development
  • Competences Development
  • Community Facilitation
  • Management Development
  • Learning Management
  • Organisational Learning

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