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At INSEAD we pride ourselves on the rigour and relevance of our research. Whether it is academic publications, books, cases, or practitioner-oriented publications, we strive for the highest quality and impact. We produce research that brings new ideas and new knowledge to the world, underpinning pedagogy that is useful to business leaders.

Supported by our strong links with the international business community, our research also benefits from real world testing, feedback and application, creating a powerful academic flywheel. We conduct research in an environment that nurtures intellectual exploration and knowledge creation. We disseminate our research through our teaching and engagement with the world. 

Lily Fang
Dean of Research

Academic Impact



Real World Impact



Centres & Initiatives


Our Centers, Initiatives and Institutes combine research, impact and knowledge exchange by connecting academia and real-world practice.
Through research, we expand the frontiers of knowledge and shape global business leadership. As such, our researchers actively contribute to the school's ambitions.

Case Publishing


INSEAD’s case studies consistently rank among the top global bestsellers. Our world-renowned faculty are notoriously close to the business community, able to unearth the most relevant management insights from deep inside the complex world of international business.

The Buzz of Blockchain: Hype vs. Reality in France

The case guides students to resolve a number of questions when embracing a new technology, with a focus on Blockchain, a radical new technology that has attracted a lot of hype although the adoption rate remains low among firms. Consequently, there are few successful business applications and many challenges, uncertainties and risks to be overcome.

By James Costantini, Dawn Jarisch
Published 02 Mar 2021
Topic Strategy
Industry Cryptocurrency
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Leading the Change: Harnessing the Power of Data Intelligence to Improve Medical Diagnostics

The case describes the process of developing a data intelligence strategy, changing internal operational processes accordingly, and the initial steps towards creating data-driven products for customers. It provides examples of how analytics can be used to improve back office operations and existing services, as well as to enable new ones.

By Stephen E. Chick, Ridhima Aggarwal
Published 18 Mar 2021
Topic Operations
Industry Health, Wellness and Fitness
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Market Disruption Strategies: The Transformation of Xiaomi

The case describes the changing market landscape, Xiaomi’s product portfolio, distribution systems, partnerships, brand management, promotion and pricing. The question is whether to remain focused on smartphones—on which Xiaomi’s reputation has been built—or transform into an IoT ‘ecosystem’ encompassing a wider range of product categories.
By Haiyang Yang, Jingjing Ma, Neal Roese, Amitava Chattopadhyay
Published 24 Feb 2021
Topic Marketing
Industry Information Technology and Services, Consumer Electronics
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